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Webster University – Webster University is an international university whose main campus is based in St. Louis. Originally formed as a women’s commune, today Webster University is the only accredited private co-educational university with campuses in Asia, Africa, North America and Europe. Its main specificity is an international global approach to learning, which includes a globalized course of disciplines and events for the exchange of knowledge and experience of students from 148 countries of the world.

Scientific achievements of Webster University

  • Every year, the main campus hosts an event that brings together researchers and professors from all campuses of Webster University through the Global Citizenship Program Collaboratory, which is a key event, given the general specialization of the university. The main agenda of the event is a comprehensive study of globalization, its impact on the educational process and the development of the most effective practices for students based on the results of current changes in the world. Each enrolled student becomes a participant in the program.
  • Research projects, in which students from different departments of Webster University participate, are aimed at studying the most relevant aspects of the humanities in a global plan: the psychology of decision making, the psychology of leadership, global marketing, strategic and logistical management, world politics, European energy policy, strategy to combat with terrorism.

Benefits – why should you go to Webster University?

  • The university curriculum is focused on the study of disciplines on a global scale, their aspects in different parts of the world, taking into account culture and history.
  • In order to have a broader understanding of the disciplines and exchange of experience with foreign students, the university has a widespread program of movement between campuses, which are located on 4 continents.
  • Study groups consist of an average of 10 people. This is a distinctive feature of the university, whose policy is aimed at the most personalized learning.
  • Students are given the opportunity to study in different formats, including remotely, part-time, as well as combining study with work in the organizations proposed by the university (which are divided into federal and subordinate to the university). The work&study program is a privilege granted to the most successful students who apply for it.
  • The university provides a scholarship that partially covers the costs, the amount of which depends on the merit of the student. Also, students have the opportunity to receive an additional 2 types of federal grants, 1 grant from the state and 1 from the university (applies only to students of the main campus).
  • The university has about 100 student associations on various topics: from academic departments to organizations exclusively of interest. Students can participate in gospel choirs, arts coalitions, and more.

Arrangement of Webster University

  • Sports play an important role in the life of students. The sports program includes football, basketball, volleyball, golf, softball, tennis, track and field, cross-country driving. Accordingly, the main campus and some small campuses have corresponding training grounds.
  • The main campus of the university has a large library with conference rooms for up to 100 people, designed for various discussions, student and scientific conferences and seminars. Also, all students, including students from foreign campuses, have access to an electronic library and online lectures, which allows them to study remotely.
  • The university has campuses in 10 countries outside of the United States, and there are 72 campuses across the United States. The campuses are divided according to the principle of freshmen and graduates – on the main campus 2 buildings are intended for freshmen, and two more for graduates and exchange students.
  • The University has developed its own media space – the monthly newspaper The Journal, The Ampersand magazine, as well as the Galaxy radio station and the GTV Station television channel are published.
  • Meals for residents are arranged according to the Meal Choises system – there are several programs for a month to choose from, according to which you can dine in several cafes and restaurants to choose from on all campuses. The program was launched with the support of Sodexo coupons.

Features of admission for foreign students

  • Attracting students from different countries is one of the main missions of the university. Therefore, the commission willingly considers candidates with a rather low IELTS threshold of 6.0 points.
  • For admission to the Faculty of Fine Arts, some areas additionally require a portfolio.
  • The university accepts applications from students throughout the year, and applications for financial aid – until March 1.

International exchange and internship programs

  • Students have the opportunity after the first year of study to be present in several departments of the university in Asia, Africa or Europe. The university allocates special bonuses to cover the costs of the most successful students.
  • For research students, a program of international conferences and joint research is provided, which can take place on foreign campuses.
  • The Employment Services Department provides a chance for students to get interesting internships in companies around the world. There is also the possibility of internships directly at the university, as well as in US federal organizations with which the university has an agreement.

Interesting facts about the University

  • The university publishes the weekly publication The Gorloks, which is entirely dedicated to the sporting achievements of the university teams, of which there are about 15 on the main campus alone.
  • The university has a fairly strong men’s basketball team – since 2012, The Gorloks have taken 2nd place in the 3rd division in the Youth Sports Association Tournament throughout the United States.
  • Among the student organizations of the University there is the Association of players in Quidditch.
  • Among the personalities associated with the university are many well-known personalities in the United States, including former Professor Bill Porter, a sound engineer who once worked with Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, Chet Atkins and The Everly Brothers, as well as the owner of the prestigious Pulitzer Prize, alumnus William Broadley .