Kendall College

Kendall College – private profit higher education institution in USA. The beginning of academic activity was laid in 1934. The university campus is of urban type and is located in the vicinity of Chicago.

Admission and tuition fees. The selection committee makes a choice, taking into account the academic performance of the applicant. If the entrance requirements of the admission committee are met, the university accepts everyone who wants to study at the university. The academic year is divided into academic quarters. Studying undergraduate programs in undergraduate programs cannot be called a cheap pleasure, since the cost is 20,000 USD per year. Master’s programs can also be considered quite expensive, the cost is 20,000 USD per year. Despite this, university students may qualify for financial assistance from the educational institution. The educational institution is one of the universities where distance education is possible. .

The composition of the university. Kendall College is a small educational institution with about 3,000 students studying at the same time. The admission committee of the university accepts applications from both local and foreign citizens. The academic staff of this university is 99 teachers. University students can participate in student exchange programs. The educational institution is represented in the social. networks Twitter , Youtube , Facebook , Linkedin , where you can learn more about the university.

University infrastructure. The educational institution has its own library. The university provides its students with accommodation on the territory of the student hostel. Perhaps a plus for entering this university may be the fact that Kendall College has its own sports facilities and all the equipment necessary for playing sports.