Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School , HBS is one of the top, most prestigious and strongest business schools in the world. HBS is located in the Allston neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, the student capital of the United States. The school has a century-old history: it was founded in 1908 and in just two decades has become one of the most popular business schools in the world.

Why Choose Harvard Business School?

  • The Harvard Business School campus is located in a prestigious and picturesque area of ​​Boston on a vast territory, which occupies about 145 hectares. Nearby is the Charles River embankment, squares and parks. On the campus there is the Harvard Stadium, laboratories, a library, a church. The campus is not only a place to live and study, it is an active business community with its own traditions and rules.
  • The school has 80 interest clubs.
  • It offers one of the world’s strongest MBA (Master of Business Administration) business administration programs and dozens of doctoral and other business programs.
  • The business workshop boasts one of the best teaching staff. Harvard Business School faculty have achieved success in both business and science.

Admission requirements for Harvard Business School

The competition among applicants to the Harvard Business School is quite high: about 12 people per place. To enter the school, an applicant must submit an application, fill out an application form, provide a copy of the diploma, successfully pass TOEFL and GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test, a standardized test for applicants to business schools). Applicants need to write seven essays on given topics (essay forms are sent from Harvard). Three letters of recommendation are also required (from your supervisors, partners, colleagues). Among the selection criteria are high analytical skills, experience in large successful companies, and leadership potential.

You can enter the MBA program according to a simplified scheme, detailed explanations can be found on the official website of the school hbs.edu.

The learning process at Harvard Business School

  • This school is famous for its case method (case-study): students are presented with a real business situation that needs to be solved. The task is taken from life or as close to reality as possible, students must first analyze it, offer several options for solving the problem and choose the most optimal one. Interestingly, case-study was also offered here at the beginning of the 20th century: thanks to this method, HBS became known to the whole world. The method was first applied at Harvard Business School. Education in this business school is always as close as possible to the realities of the modern market.
  • Harvard Business School is known for its innovative approach to learning. For example, the history of Apple can be presented here even with the help of visual manga-style comics. This school is one of the pioneers of online learning, anyone can purchase popular school cases online. Harvard Business Review, a well-known business magazine, is published here.
  • The school has connections with first-line leaders around the world. The most successful businessmen of the planet come here with lectures.
  • The Harvard Business School hosts regular conferences and business meetings with distinguished guests, as well as student parties and balls.
  • This is an elite, rather expensive education. However, 2/3 of Harvard Business School students receive a scholarship that partially covers the cost of education.

Harvard Business School Graduates: Perspectives

Graduates of the Harvard Business School achieve success in entrepreneurship, corporate governance, and senior management. It is no coincidence that Harvard Business School is called the “school of millionaires.” Stockbroker William O’Neill, businessman, billionaire and investor Stephen Schwartzman, industrialist Leonid Blavatnik, top manager, ex-CEO and chairman of the board of directors of IBM Louis Gerstner, CEO of General Electric Jeffrey Immelt, founder of Zynga Mark Pinkus, chairman of the board directors of the Barclays financial group Markus Ageius – all of them are graduates of the famous Harvard Business School.