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About school – English Language Center

The ELC network of schools – English Language Center – since 1978 offers foreign students year-round programs for learning English. The school has three campuses in the most famous US cities – Boston, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. During the summer season, the ELC school offers programs for adults and children on the campuses of American universities – the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , the University of California at Los Angeles and the University of California at Santa Barbara. More than 1,500 students from 50 countries around the world, including Russia, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Japan, visit the ELC English Language Center every year.

Advantages and disadvantages of English Language Center network schools

The main advantages of ELC network schools are as follows:

  • ELC has received ACCET accreditation and is a member of such international organizations as ALTO, IALC, EnglishUSA, NAFSA and AAIEP;
  • the ELC school is an authorized center for taking the IELTS and Cambridge ESOL exams (FCE, CAE, CPE);
  • classes are held in small groups of 9-10 students;
  • students of courses at ELC have the opportunity to study in several cities within the framework of one program;
  • partnership with many American colleges and universities (New York Film Academy, Pasadena City College, California International Business University , Los Angeles Film School, University of Kansas , etc.) that accept ELC school graduates to study without IELTS and TOEFL test results , this option is only available to University Pathways Program students;
  • the school provides support in obtaining medical insurance;
  • upon successful completion of the course, each ELC student receives a certificate describing the duration of the program and the level achieved.

Features and disadvantages of ELC network schools:

  • the school charges a late check-in feein residences and apartments;
  • the ELC center offers very expensive single accommodation, which can hit the pocket of a foreign guest;
  • The school does not provide visa support.

Arrangement of schools of the English Language Center network

Branches of the ELC network are located in the most popular neighborhoods of Santa Barbara, Boston and Los Angeles, so students will have no difficulty with transportation, shopping and finding places for a quick bite or a full meal. Each school has at its disposal from 13 to 24 spacious classrooms, a student lounge area with soft sofas and armchairs, a media center equipped with Apple technology, and an academic hall designed for personal consultations with teachers.

The school in Santa Barbara has a small veranda where students like to gather during lunch break to discuss the latest news and enjoy lunch. None of the centers has its own kitchen or cafeteria, but in practice this does not cause inconvenience to students, since you can buy a ready-made snack near the campus in one of the many restaurants.

Methods of teaching in schools of the English Language Center network

Students are immersed in a new language environment for themselves, while daily communicating with native speakers and other students on familiar topics. Course participants take part in staged scenes, dialogues, simulate situations from real life that relate to going to the movies, ordering a meal in a restaurant or buying groceries in a store. In addition, students perform training exercises to improve their knowledge of English grammar, listen to podcasts, watch videos on Youtube to hear the modern English speech that native speakers use in everyday life.

ELC teachers emphasize the development of speaking and effective communication skills, so most of the time students work on group projects, presentations, and discussions in small groups so that each team member can express their opinion on the topic. In addition to classes at the ELC school, extra-curricular activities or free electives play a special role, in which students get an additional opportunity to practice English. Examples of such electives are free seminars on American culture, slang, films and media, creative writing and pronunciation.

Accommodation options for the duration of study at schools of the English Language Center network

Accommodation options Nutrition Number of people in the room Min. weekly cost
Host family breakfast or half board 1-2 300 USD
student residence breakfast 1-2 915 USD
university campus half board 1-2 930 USD
Guest houses half board 1-3 490 USD
Townhouses organized by student 1-2 $ 485
Flats and apartments organized by student 1-2 680 USD

Leisure, cultural and sports activities in schools of the English Language Center network

Students who choose to study English in Los Angeles will be able to attend the latest movie premieres, relax on shopping in the most prestigious area of ​​the city – Beverly Hills, discover the world of Universal Studios, meet their favorite cartoon characters at Disneyland, and also go for a few days to San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas or Santa Barbara.

Students who prefer business Boston will be able to make the most of their time: visit the campuses of famous universities – Harvard University , Massachusetts Institute of Technology , Cambridge University , go sailing on the Charles River under the supervision of an experienced instructor or go on a cruise along Boston Bay.

Those who liked the campus in Santa Barbara will be able to recharge the energy of this sunny city. Since the temperature in Santa Barbara does not drop below 18°C ​​all year round, students can sunbathe on the beach, play water sports, play beach volleyball and other outdoor team games. On weekends, the school organizes trips to Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.

Basic tuition costs in ELC network schools

Expenses Min.
School registration fee 165 USD
Accommodation fee 85USD _
Refundable accommodation deposit 200 USD
Accommodation 300 USD
Educational materials 50USD _
Transfer 60 USD
language course 375 USD /week

Additional tuition fees at ELC network schools

Expenses Min.
Visa application 160 USD
Sending Form I-20 by courier 75 USD
Medical insurance 35 USD /week
Passing the Cambridge exams 350 USD
Late check-in fee 50USD _
Directions 15 USD /trip
Visa support from Unipage 150 USD
Full support for admission to language courses from Unipage 200 USD