Catholic Theological Union

Catholic Theological Union ( CTU ) is a private non-profit higher education institution in the United States. CTU was established in 1968. The university has an urban campus in Chicago.

Admission and tuition fees. Although the university is a private institution, students are eligible to apply for financial aid. Keeping pace with the times, the university offers distance learning courses.

The composition of the university. Catholic Theological Union can be attributed to small universities, where about 1000 people study at the same time. Both local citizens and foreigners can apply for admission to an educational institution. The educational institution actively participates in international programs aimed at the academic exchange of students and teachers between universities. You can learn more about the university by going to the social. school pages: Twitter , Facebook , Linkedin .

University infrastructure. During their studies at the university, students can use the student library. University students have the opportunity to live on campus in a student hostel. The Catholic Theological Union has its own sports infrastructure.