Boston University

Boston University – Boston University (BU) – a private research institute located in the largest student city in the United States – Boston , where, in addition to Boston University, Harvard and MIT are located . Even though Boston University was founded by a church organization, its original charter stated that no student could be denied education on the basis of their creed, race, or gender. It is these democratic values ​​that have made Boston University one of the most prestigious institutions in the world.

Benefits of Boston University

Boston University is a broad-based educational institution with an excellent reputation. According to QS , the strongest areas at Boston University are the departments of Dentistry , Psychology , and Mass Communication . In addition, the university offers excellent programs in business management , pharmacology , mathematics , accounting , and biology .

Boston University is a member of several associations of American research universities and regularly conducts research in the most promising scientific areas. Rating agencies recognize the most productive developments and the most cited articles in the fields of linguistics, economics and general medicine. Also, according to analysts, research centers of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Management achieve quite good results.

Requirements for admission to Boston University

  • For admission to Boston University for undergraduate studies, a school graduate must provide a certificate of secondary education. Applicants applying for a master’s or doctoral program require a university diploma. When applying for a bachelor’s degree at BU, you will also need to pass the SAT – a special test to check academic abilities.
  • Excellent knowledge of English is a prerequisite for applicants of all levels of study. You must confirm the level by passing the TOEFL tests (minimum 98) or IELTS (minimum 7 points).
  • The package of documents must also include a certificate of financial solvency , a motivation letter and recommendations .

The deadline for submitting documents for the fall semester is until January 3 , for the summer semester – until November 1 .

Tuition fees and scholarships at Boston University

The cost of an academic year at Boston University will be approximately 49,000 USD . With accommodation in a university dormitory, meals in the canteen and the purchase of textbooks, the total amount of expenses increases to 68,000 USD . In general, payment depends on the chosen program. So, future dentists will need to pay for their studies annually from 72,000 USD to 109,000 USD , and theologians – from 19,500 USD to 39,000 USD .

If an international student shows significant achievements in academics, sports and the social life of the university, he may qualify for a scholarship. For example, Trustee Scholarship, the university’s most prestigious scholarship, is available to undergraduate students and covers all tuition costs. Students with interesting scientific papers and publications can apply until December 1 and, in fair competition, become eligible for the Presidential Scholarship, the amount of which is 20,000 USD per year.

Building Boston University

The buildings of Boston University are located in the heart of Boston, on the banks of the picturesque Charles River. Schools and educational buildings are located on the main campus, among which are the College of Arts and Sciences, the Faculty of Theology, the School of Law and the Mugar Library. West Campus includes playgrounds and sports fields, a large residence hall, and the John Hancock Student Housing Complex.

Boston University has a network of large and small hostels, which allows it to provide housing for all visiting and local students. If you wish, you can stay in one of the small hotels with which Boston University enters into special agreements.

Notable faculty and alumni

  • William Howard Taft – 27th President of the United States, representative of the Republican Party. He taught the subject “Legal Ethics” at the university from 1918 to 1921;
  • Alexander Graham Bell – famous inventor and businessman, creator of telephony, metal detector, vacuum pump and audiometer;
  • Osamu Shimomura – Nobel Prize winner for the discovery of green fluorescent protein, awarded the Order of Culture;
  • Geena Davis is a fashion model, actress, screenwriter and producer. She starred in the films The Fly, Thelma and Louise, Beetlejuice and received the Golden Globe Award for her role in the television series President Woman.

Interesting facts about Boston University

  • They say that a ghost lives in Shireyton Hall. Students living in the dormitory claim that elevators randomly stop and lights flicker on the fourth floor. Perhaps the rumors are due to the fact that it was in this building on the fourth floor in room 401 that Eugene O’Neill, the famous playwright and Nobel Prize winner, died.
  • In 1917, the Boston Terrier became the official mascot of Boston University. The choice is not accidental – the breed was bred in 1839; that same year, Boston University was founded.
  • Every Wednesday, anyone can visit The Judson B. Coit Observatory and admire the constellations and the beauty of the night sky.