Yale university

Yale University – Yale University – is one of the most famous and prestigious educational institutions in the world. The university is part of the “big three” Ivy League universities : Yale, Harvard and Princeton . It is one of 9 colleges founded in the colonial period of US history.

History of Yale University

The official founding date of Yale University is October 9, 1701, but the history of the university begins much earlier, from 1640, when a group of colonial clergy put forward the idea of ​​​​creating an educational institution in New Haven , in which students could not only receive valuable knowledge, but also live under one roof, adopting traditions and sharing experience with each other.

Yale University was originally called “The Collegiate School”. The university bore this name for 18 years until it received generous financial assistance from a local entrepreneur, Eli Yale, in whose honor the educational institution was renamed.

Every year there were more students at the university, which led to the formation of new faculties. In 1777, the university introduced a program of humanities and exact sciences, and during the 19th century, departments of magistracy and postgraduate studies appeared.

Studying at Yale has never been easy. For several decades, teaching within the walls of the university was conducted in Latin. English was banned. Even outside the classrooms, students had to speak exclusively in a dead language. Later, Latin nevertheless lost its position, giving way to communication and teaching English. However, until 1931, Latin was a compulsory subject in the Yale curriculum, regardless of specialization.

The main direction of study at Yale University is the arts , humanities and social sciences , but the faculties of medicine , environmental management , applied sciences and engineering are not inferior in quality of teaching , and the achievements of researchers in the exact sciences are not far behind American technical colleges.

Yale University is one of the most famous educational institutions in the world, and, as a result, one of the most demanding for applicants, therefore, among its graduates, the university has many talented people – from musicians to heads of state (by the way, five US presidents graduated from Yale University) .

Yale University Achievements

  • A group of Yale University researchers have recoded the DNA of E. coli. During the experiment, scientists replaced some of its genes. This is the first step on the way to a new discovery – changing the genes of harmful bacteria so that deadly diseases can be treated without antibiotics and other drugs.
  • Yale scientists have developed a drug that significantly reduces the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Initially, the researchers were developing an antitumor vaccine, but a side effect of this experiment was the ability of the drug to restore lost memory.
  • Within the walls of the university, antibodies were artificially synthesized to strengthen the human immune system. In the near future, scientists will be able to create a new drug that will help in the fight against cancer and AIDS.
  • A non-standard solution to the problem of plastic recycling was proposed by scientists at Yale University: during the experiment, they discovered a special type of fungus, for which polyurethane can serve as a food source. The substance released by bacteria will allow in the future to deal with overcrowded landfills.

Why choose Yale University?

  • The opportunity to get an education at one of the best universities in the world is absolutely free. According to statistics, approximately 10% of Yale students do not pay tuition, and another 51% of students receive financial assistance from the university.
  • A Yale degree can be safely called a strong foundation for building a successful career in the research, medical, humanitarian, legal or engineering fields. Proof of this are the famous graduates of Yale, who have proven themselves in various fields – from politics and research to journalism and acting.
  • Yale University offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs. In addition, Yale has a school of management (Yale School of Management), where you can get an MBA degree .
  • Applicants have the opportunity even before enrolling in the course to get acquainted with lectures and information about the achievements and merits of teachers on the Yale University website, which will help future students decide on the choice of specialization.
  • The learning process at Yale University includes not only lectures, practical and laboratory classes, a considerable part of the time is given to students to write scientific papers and participate in research projects, so the Yale libraries work almost until the morning. Each reading room opened at the university is conveniently planned and equipped with the necessary computer equipment, and public transport on campus operates around the clock and is free for students.
  • The Yale University campus is considered to be the most beautiful in the world. This architectural ensemble includes majestic educational buildings, research laboratories, huge libraries with reading rooms, cozy lounges, picturesque green parks with well-groomed grass and trees.

Tuition fees at Yale University

A year of study at Yale on average will cost a student 40,000 USD , and if you take into account the cost of living in a hostel, meals, the purchase of textbooks and stationery, the amount will reach 65,000 USD . Don’t panic ahead of time though, as Yale offers several financial aid schemes for students who want to attend Yale but can’t afford it. It should be noted that more than half of university students receive scholarships.

Expenses: Minimum Maximum
The cost of a year of study 0USD _ 45 800 USD
Meals, teaching aids and other expenses 3 500 USD 5 500 USD
Hostel 4000USD _ 8 000USD
Medical insurance $ 2,102 $ 2,102
Transport costs 0USD _ 5000USD _
Total: tuition fee per year $ 9,602 $ 66,402

Scholarships and Grants at Yale University

Yale is one of the few universities that can afford to fully pay for the education of their students, it should be noted, not only American, but also foreign. Grants and scholarships are available to those applicants who speak English at a high level, are engaged in social and volunteer activities, are able to correctly express their thoughts and have high scores in exam tests.

The amount of scholarship assistance at Yale University ranges from 12,000 USD to 35,000 USD per year per student, which covers the lion’s share of tuition costs. More than half of Yale’s students (51%) receive financial aid from the university. This means that almost every applicant has the opportunity to become a member of the scholarship program, regardless of nationality and country of residence. Only for this, one should try hard, since the issue of funding and free education has always been a real battlefield for applicants, where it is necessary to show their intellectual and research potential, which not every participant in the scholarship race can do. Only the best of the best receive grants to study at Yale University.

Free Education at Yale University

The university does not ask for confirmation of financial solvency upon admission and offers financial assistance to all students in need. That is, in any case, if the decision to enroll is positive (the decision is made on the basis of the applicant’s academic results, interview and motivation letter), then the student can be sure that Yale University will financially support his education. To qualify for 100% tuition, you must provide a special committee with a document confirming that the annual income of the student’s parents is less than 65,000 USD. In this case, Yale University can offer a full financial aid package that includes not only tuition fees, but also dormitory fees. Deals with the distribution of grants and scholarships Student Financial Services.

Faculties of Yale University

There are three main academic divisions at Yale University:

  • Yale College, which is the foundation of the university. Yale College was modeled on the English educational institutions – Cambridge and Oxford universities. Students not only study at the college, but also live on campus. For the first two years, students must live in a student dormitory on the territory of the university, since it is believed that this is the only way to create an atmosphere of unity and true brotherhood. Yale’s colleges enroll only undergraduate students .
  • The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Yale University offers postgraduate programs (Master’s, PhD) in the following specializations: music, art, painting, drama, etc.
  • Vocational schools that allow students to study at a master’s or doctoral level. Yale University has 13 such schools. In each of them, you can study in such specializations as engineering, management, law, computer science, medicine, and more. At one of Yale’s professional schools, you can get an MBA degree.

Features of admission to Yale University for foreigners

  • For admission to Yale University, you must provide a school certificate translated into English or a bachelor’s degree (for masters). In addition, applicants must pass the SAT or ACT exam – the equivalent of the Russian Unified State Examination, which are conducted entirely in English and test the student’s knowledge in mathematics and English.
  • The minimum IELTS test score for admission is 7.0 for bachelor’s and master’s degrees, for individual programs the requirements may be higher. The exam must be taken no later than one month before the deadline for accepting applications (that is, before the established regular deadline – no later than the end of November).
  • The required minimum scores for the GMAT and GRE exams depend on the specific faculty for admission to the master’s program. All exams must be taken no later than one month before the deadline for applications.
  • Yale does not set a minimum score threshold for the SAT and ACT exams, and there is no official threshold for GPA , but it is safe to say that the combination of a high GPA and a SAT / ACT score significantly increases the chances of admission, although there are exceptions.

Yale University Admission Statistics

Yale University is one of the top most prestigious universities in the world , therefore it places high demands on applicants. In 2016, Yale’s student acceptance rate was less than 7% with 36,000 applications received.

Document submission deadlines

  • Acceptance of early applications – until November 1 .
  • Acceptance of general applications – until January 1 .

When submitting an early application, the applicant receives a response from the university before the end of December, but if the application is sent in the general manner, you can expect a response at the end of March.

Cooperation with universities in the field of international exchange

Yale has student exchange programs with several foreign universities, including the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), Fudan University (China), the University of Cambridge (UK), the Paris Institute of Political Science (France), Freyet University Berlin (Germany), the Ghanaian University (Ghana), Jawaharlal Nehru University (India), Tel Aviv University (Israel), University of Tokyo (Japan), University of Mexico (Mexico), University of Cape Town (South Africa), Bosphorus University (Turkey) and Moscow State University. Lomonosov(by the way, became the first partner of Yale University in the student exchange program).

Students can start an internship in their free time. Yale University offers two internship options: within the walls of the chosen university or research activities in a partner company.

Employment Assistance After Yale Graduation

The Career Strategy Center helps students find internships and permanent jobs. According to the 2015 rankings, 54% of Yale graduates went into paid work or paid internships. The rest of the students decided to devote themselves to research, unpaid internships, or volunteer work.

As for the field of activity of Yale graduates, in 14% of cases, former students are employed in teaching in educational institutions and research, 7% of graduates work in non-profit organizations, 7% work in the banking sector and 6% in medicine. The rest of the graduates of Yale University work in commercial fields: law, sports, art, marketing and consulting.

Opportunity, conditions and cost of living in a hostel at Yale University

Students enrolled at Yale have the option of on-campus or off-campus accommodation. The campus is divided into dormitories in accordance with the disciplines studied, as well as the level of study – undergraduate or graduate. The cost of accommodation per month ranges from 4,000 USD to 8,000 USD , depending on the type of housing (room, 2, 3 or 4-bed apartment). Dorm rooms are furnished with beds, chairs, dining and writing tables, book shelves, a large wardrobe and table lamps. It should be noted that students with excellent academic performance live in separate apartments. Members of student fraternities also live in seclusion in their own commune.

Arrangement and infrastructure of Yale University

The Yale University campus is divided into 12 dormitories, modeled on old British universities (for example, Oxford University). About 500 students live in each college, the dean of the college and several representatives of the faculty, headed by a master college. Each of the dormitory colleges has a certain autonomy, respectively, life and procedures are different in each of them, but the budget of all colleges is the same.

On the territory of each college there are libraries, research laboratories, classrooms, canteens, reading rooms and even lounges. It should be noted that the Yale University Library is the second largest among all university libraries in the world. Her collection has about 15 million volumes, 4 of which are in the main library of the Sterling Memorial Library, the rest of the materials are distributed depending on the subject in several libraries.

Yale University has several major museums. The Art Gallery, the first university-based museum in the United States, has a collection of more than 180,000 works, including works by renowned Old World masters and important contemporary art collections.

At Yale, special attention is paid to the physical preparation of students, because the university has grandiose sports facilities. Gyms, football and baseball fields, hockey, lacrosse, tennis, basketball and athletics fields – Yale gives its students a lot of opportunities for sports development.

In addition to majestic academic buildings and attractions, Yale boasts its own police station. On the territory of each college there are special blue phones that allow you to make an emergency call to the police.

Interesting Facts About Yale University

  • According to popular belief, Yale became the first institution to have its own symbol in 1889, a bulldog named Handsome Dan. To this day, dogs replace each other, and their biographies are recorded and published. Today, the symbol of the university is Handsome Dan XVI.
  • The Yale University Museum contained artifacts brought by Professor Hiram Bingham from an expedition to Machu Picchu in 1912. In those days, it was legal to export artifacts from their country of origin, in this case Peru. In other words, in 2010, representatives of the university agreed to transfer the exhibits to the University of Peru.
  • The Yale Records magazine is the oldest comic magazine in the world.
  • The Frisbee game, now popular in the United States, was invented by students at Yale University when they threw empty pie pans from the Frisbee Pie Company.
  • The Yale University men’s rowing team is the oldest in the entire United States. The team won two Olympic gold medals in 1924 and 1956. And the Yale Yacht Club is the oldest yachting community in the world.
  • At the Yale University Museum you can see the remains of an ancient pterodactyl.
  • American billionaire and philanthropist, Charles Johnson, who once studied at Yale University, donated a tidy sum of 250,000,000 USD to the university . The entrepreneur’s charitable gesture is considered the largest single donation in the history of Yale.

Notable Yale Alumni

  • William Howard Taft, 27th President of the United States, graduated from Yale as the second most successful student out of 121 law students in his class. In addition to the presidency, he served as Chief Justice of the United States and Secretary of War.
  • Gerald Ford, 38th President of the United States, graduated from the Yale Law School with a Bachelor of Laws degree. Before running for the presidency, he served as Vice President of the United States for a year.
  • George W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States, received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale as an external student after studying for only 2.5 years after joining the US Air Force during World War II.
  • William (Bill) Clinton, 42nd President of the United States, received his Juris Doctor from Yale University. It is noteworthy that Bill Clinton tried to enter earlier, but was not accepted.
  • George W. Bush – the 43rd President of the United States, “the least popular American president”, received a bachelor’s degree in history, according to biographers, the future president studied at an average.
  • John Kerry is the current Secretary of State of the United States of America, a candidate for the presidency of the United States in 2004, but he was defeated in the election by George W. Bush. At Yale, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree, and also met future President John F. Kennedy.
  • Ernesto Zedillo – President of Mexico from 1994 to 2000, received a Ph.D. in economics from Yale. The period of Zedillo’s rule was characterized by a severe financial crisis, from which the country managed to get out thanks to his wise policy.
  • Tansu Çiller is a former prime minister of Turkey. She was the first and still remains the only woman in such a position in Turkey. She completed her postdoctoral studies at Yale University.

Summer Schools at Yale University

Min. cost of education $ 4,950
total cost from 6 800 USD
Min. duration 1 month
Age of students 15 to 18 years old
Average GPA 3.5
Accommodation on the territory of the university
Minimum IELTS 7.0
Minimum TOEFL 100

Opens this summer Yale opens its doors to high school students so they can get a taste of university education at one of America’s best universities. The programs for schoolchildren here are not very diverse, as, for example, at Brown University , but they cannot be ignored, because every year an increasing number of teenagers are interested in the opportunity to undergo short-term intensive training at one of the Ivy League universities . Next, the main programs offered by Yale for schoolchildren aged 15-18 will be considered.

The cost of participating in summer schools at Yale University

The listed price includes tuition fees, meals and accommodation on campus.

Program Price Duration
Yale Summer Session $ 11,095 5 weeks
Yale Summer Session $ 14,390 10 weeks
Summer program in astrophysics $ 4,950 6 weeks

Yale University Summer School Requirements

Program Age, years TOEFL iBT IELTS Deadline
Yale Summer Session 16–18 100 7.0 Apr 17, May 22
Summer program in astrophysics 15–17 100 7.0 Mar 5

Yale Summer School Admission Process

  1. Choosing the right program;
  2. Passing the required language exams TOEFL (in any format) or IELTS and obtaining the appropriate certificate;
  3. Preparation of documents from the school: an extract on school performance for the last three years; calculation of the GPA score for application to statements; two recommendations in English;
  4. Translation of an extract on school performance into English with notarization;
  5. Essay writing in English;
  6. Filling out and submitting an application for participation in the summer school, paying the application fee and waiting for a response from the admissions committee (about three weeks). Information about enrollment comes by e-mail;
  7. Preparation of a bank statement to confirm financial solvency;
  8. Request Form I-20 for student visa preparation;
  9. Applying for an F-1 student visa;
  10. Pay the full cost of the course.