Utah State University

Utah State University or Utah State University ( USU ) – public higher education institution in the United States. USU began its academic activities in 1888. The university campus is of urban type and is located in the vicinity of Logan.

University ranking. Utah State University regularly occupies top positions, entering the top 5% of the best in academic rankings around the world. The university ranks 151 in the world in the direction of “Economics and Business”.

Admission and tuition fees. The admission committee of the university organizes the recruitment of applicants, evaluating the academic performance of the applicant, as well as the results of the exams passed. There is no competition as such at the university, and in order to enroll in a university, it is enough to meet all the requirements of an educational institution. The academic year in this educational institution is divided into semesters. The cost of studying at the university is about 15,000 USD per year. Those wishing to get a master’s degree in this university should expect to spend 15,000 USD per year of study. The university also provides an opportunity for distinguished students to participate in scholarship programs. Distance education is also available for students of this educational institution. It is necessary to specify the cost of education on the official website of the university (http://www.usu.edu ) according to the chosen program of study.

The composition of the university. The University of Utah is a medium-sized educational institution, teaching no more than 19,000 students. Together with local applicants, foreign citizens can also enter the university. The percentage of international students at USU is 2% of the total student body. The academic staff of the educational institution includes more than 1100 teachers. The educational institution actively participates in international programs aimed at the academic exchange of students and teachers between universities. You can learn more about the university by going to the social. pages of the educational institution: Twitter , Youtube , Facebook ,LinkedIn .

University infrastructure. The infrastructure of the educational institution includes its own library. The university offers its students accommodation in a student hostel.