University of California at Los Angeles

The University of California Los Angeles – UCLA is one of the oldest universities in the United States . Included in the system of the University of California, which consists of 10 branches. University of Los Angeles – the second in a row, appeared in 1919, after the University at Berkeley (1873). Humanities are taught here, as well as mathematics, engineering, computer science, there is a medical faculty. Along with Yale , Boston and Harvard Universities, UCLA is a member of the prestigious international Universities Research Association group.

Benefits of UCLA

UCLA has an excellent academic reputation for its wide range of research and high quality teaching. The best direction can be called the humanities, in particular geography , linguistics , sociology and English literature – these are the UCLA faculties that occupy the top lines of the English-language ratings. Separately, it is worth mentioning the electronic engineering program , which is in the world’s top 5. The University of Los Angeles School of Medicine also stands out from the rest of the university’s departments due to its high academic citation index.

The University of California at Los Angeles is famous for its huge research potential. For example, UCLA scientists discovered a gene responsible for human thought processes, they also confirmed that the Internet makes the human brain work more actively than when reading the text of a magazine or book. UCLA engineers have developed an expandable monitor and an innovative microscope that tracks cancer cells. Successful research on short-term memory has been carried out, reusable paper has been invented, physicists have carried out research on the “material of the future” – Graphene, and proof of its danger has been given. The transition of a molecule from one quantum state to another has been proved, as well as a number of other studies important for humanity.

Admission Requirements University of California Los Angeles

  • For admission to an American university, an applicant from the CIS needs a document confirming the completion of a school course or university for bachelor’s and master’s programs, respectively. The document must be officially translated into English .
  • The applicant must write an essay in free form in English, where he must tell about himself, his achievements and goals, talents and victories. Brilliant text significantly increases the chances of enrollment.
  • Foreign applicants need to pass the TOEFL or IELTS test with a score of at least 80 and 6.5 points, respectively.
  • All applicants for the bachelor’s level, including foreigners, must pass a standardized SAT or ACT test , which is similar in structure to the Russian Unified State Examination, only conducted in English. There is no minimum passing score, however, the lower the score, the less chance of admission.
  • To enter the master’s and doctoral programs, you need to pass the GRE or GMAT tests . The minimum score for these exams is not advertised, since the application is considered as a whole, and a low score for the GRE can pay off with an excellent motivation letter.

You need to send the entire package of documents before November 30 .

Tuition at the University of California Los Angeles

The price for studying at UCLA for foreigners, depending on the faculty and specialty, will be from 45,000 USD to 59,000 USD per year. Master’s degree will cost 31,000 USD per year, excluding the cost of living.

Accommodation on campus will cost about 14,000 USD per year, which also includes lunch at the university restaurant. Personal expenses will be from 500 USD per month, the cost of study materials will be an additional 500 USD per semester. Thus, the total cost of studying at the University of California will be about 60,000 USD per year.

Unfortunately, most foreigners will have to cover this huge amount on their own: almost all grants and scholarship schemes at UCLA are designed for Americans. At certain faculties, single grants are available, for which foreigners have to compete with students from the USA and Great Britain , therefore, the chance to receive financial assistance is scanty. However, Russians have a chance to receive a Global Education Scholarship , which covers all tuition costs, provided that the student returns to Russia.

Building the University of California, Los Angeles

In terms of its organization, the University of California at Los Angeles is in many ways similar to traditional American universities: the infrastructure is divided into campuses in accordance with faculties, on the territory of each campus there are student residences, lecture halls and libraries with specialized literature. On the territory of each of them there are also gyms, eateries and small green parks for recreation.

In addition, several notable objects are located on the territory of UCLA. Royce Hall is the hallmark of the university. If you look closely, you can see that the building is not symmetrical! Royce Hall hosts meetings and jazz evenings, various performances and concerts. Here you can also find the Hannah Carter Japanese Garden, an old cinema, an upside-down fountain and a sculpture square.

The university boasts a special center for gifted children and geeks, numerous research centers and its own crime laboratory.

The University of Los Angeles offers special evening courses for working students. The main areas of evening education: programming and information technology, finance, entertainment, design, music, law, architecture and English. Graduates of evening courses are awarded a certificate, after which the graduate can enroll in an in-depth program.

Notable alumni and faculty of the University of California Los Angeles

  • Francis Ford Coppola is a cult director, producer, screenwriter. Author of the film trilogy “The Godfather”, the films “Apocalypse Now” and “Dracula”. Winner of six Oscars, twice winner of the Palme d’Or.
  • Ralph Bunce is an American diplomat and political scientist. In 1950, he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in the Palestinian-Arab conflict in Israel ;
  • Allen Adam is one of the founders of Blizzard, a giant in the video game market thanks to the famous war strategy series Warcraft. Adam graduated from UCLA in Engineering.

Interesting facts about the University of California Los Angeles

  • UCLA is one of the world’s top 15 universities with the highest graduate employability.
  • The names of 13 Nobel Prize winners and about 250 Olympic medal winners are associated with the activities of the University of California.
  • UCLA’s total funding is over $1 billion.
  • The university is located just 8 km from the Pacific coast.