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About school – Rennert International

Founded more than 40 years ago, the Rennert International language school network is now internationally recognized in the educational market, being a partner of the International Association of Language Centers (IALC), created with its assistance, which guarantees high academic standards and ethical standards in teaching a foreign language.

Rennert International has its training centers in two US cities – in majestic New York and sunny, hospitable Miami. Also in 2009, the school opened its first overseas branch in Istanbul. The Rennert International school network has its own translation services center, which has been operating since 1977, which performs various types of translation and participates in many high-level international projects.

The main advantages and features of the Rennert International school network

  • For 3 years in a row (2010, 2011 and 2012) Rennert International has been shortlisted by Study Travel Magazine, an authoritative educational travel magazine, and also nominated in the “English language school of North America” category. In addition, Rennert International is a member of many leading education and tourism organizations such as NYESA, FIYTOand other international associations;
  • The emphasis is on the development of communication skills and oral speech, which is facilitated by the format of tasks – discussions, work in pairs, presentations and additional extracurricular activities (conducting seminars, master classes, etc.);
  • Training in small groups up to 10-12 people, up to 5 participants when studying business English;
  • Constant language practice in natural life situations through meaningful extracurricular activities;
  • Work according to your own communicative methodology;
  • Large selection of educational programs in English for adults and children;
  • The opportunity to study at two American training centers at once;
  • A developed system of teaching a foreign language with various applied disciplines (Arts + English), the ability to combine hobbies and learning a foreign language;
  • Year-round programs and flexible learning conditions;
  • Availability of educational programs in 8 foreign languages;
  • Rich cultural program;
  • Possibility to pass international exams ( Cambridge exams , TOEIC , IELTS ) on the school grounds;
  • After completing each course, a certificate is issued with the assignment of a language level.

Arrangement of Rennert International Network Centers

Rennert International schools are characterized by modern and stylish interior design. There is free Wi-Fi on the territory of educational institutions, all cozy classrooms are equipped with air conditioning and central heating. There are multimedia classes and computer rooms with Internet access, classes with an interactive whiteboard. There is also a recreation area where course participants can chat with each other and enjoy the beautiful view from the window. For students with disabilities, there are also special conditions for comfortable learning (ramps, specially equipped toilet rooms). Students of the English for Professionals course can use a separate lounge area equipped with computers and read leading information publications over a cup of tea or coffee.

During classes, students can refresh themselves with soft drinks, tea, coffee, snacks from vending machines, dine in canteens located on the school grounds, there is free water in the classes throughout the school day. As a rule, school campuses are located in the city center, so students can use the services of local cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, and the location of the main attractions within walking distance from the place of study and residence helps to make the most of their free time.

The student residences of the Rennert language school network are also distinguished by comfortable living conditions. Rennert centers offer accommodation in comfortable single or double rooms with full or partial amenities. School residences are equipped with a telephone, lockers, cable TV, lounges, a swimming pool, a laundry, a kitchen, a gym, student rooms have refrigerators, TVs and microwaves, and there is free Wi-Fi on site.

Teaching Methods in Rennert International Schools

Experienced teachers work according to the Rennert Experiential Approach to Languages ​​REAL communicative methodology, developed by the Rennert International network itself. This set of methodological techniques implies complete immersion in the real language and cultural environment of American cities and the use of a foreign language in live communication outside the classroom, for example, at various cultural events (seminars, excursions) organized by the administration of language courses. This approach is aimed at the active development of speaking skills, starting from the very first lesson. Grammar is learned in a communicative context, and vocabulary is also enriched through face-to-face communication in each class with the help of an experienced teacher and mentor.

Accommodation options and costs while studying at Rennert schools

Accommodation options Nutrition Number of people in the room Price per week min Price per week max
school residence 1-2 times a day 1-2 390 USD $ 555
Host family 1-2 times a day + self-service 1-2 245USD _ 625USD _
Apartments (18+) organized by student 1-2 360 USD $ 795

Leisure, sports and entertainment at Rennert International schools

Active leisure activities are one of the distinguishing features of the Rennert International language school network, which practice a communicative approach to learning. This means that the assimilation of a foreign language occurs with constant real communication in a relaxed atmosphere in various life situations. Such recreational activities include city tours and sightseeing, student parties, visits to theaters, museums, cinemas, festivals, exhibitions, tasting of national cuisine and kayaking.

In addition, the school organizes trips to neighboring American cities (for example, Washington, Boston). Sports fans can continue their regular workouts in the gyms at the schools. For each type of training program, the main cultural and entertainment events included in the cost of the course are fixed.

Basic and additional costs for studying at Rennert schools

Expenses Min. USD Avg. USD
School registration fee 125 USD 155 USD
language course $ 255 350 USD
Medical insurance 68 USD 68 USD
Educational materials 69 USD 69 USD
Elective classes 110 USD 130 USD
Meeting / seeing off at the airport 130 USD 200 USD
Passing international exams $ 95 250 USD