Purdue University North Central

Purdue University North Central ( PNC ) – public higher education institution in the United States. PNC began its academic activities in 1948. The university complex is located outside the city of Westville. provides quality education, which is valued throughout the country.

Admission and tuition fees. When applying to an educational institution, the previous academic performance of the candidate is usually taken as the basis. The majority of PNC applicants successfully enroll in an educational institution, where the competition for admission is approximately 90 places per 100 applicants. The academic year is divided into two academic semesters. Education per year at this university will cost around 15,000 USD. Those wishing to get a master’s degree in this university should expect to spend 15,000 USD per year of study. The university also provides an opportunity for distinguished students to participate in scholarship programs. Distance education is also available for students of this educational institution. To plan your education at PNC, you should check the cost information on the official websitehttp://www.pnc.edu .

The composition of the university. Purdue University North Central is a medium-sized educational institution, accommodating no more than 6 thousand students. The university actively participates in international student and teacher exchange programs with other educational institutions. The university is represented in various social. networks: Youtube , Facebook , from which you can learn more about teaching and student life at the university.

University infrastructure. During their studies at the university, students can use the student library.