Pacifica Graduate Institute

Pacifica Graduate Institute ( PGI ) – private profit higher education institution in the United States. PGI begins its history in 1976. The university campus is located within Carpinteria.

Admission and tuition fees. The academic year at the university is divided into quarters. Although the university is a private institution, students are eligible to apply for financial aid. Distance learning is also available for students of this university.

The composition of the university. Pacifica Graduate Institute can be attributed to small universities, where about 1000 people study at the same time. The educational institution accepts both local and foreign citizens. Approximately 199 teachers teach at the university. You can learn more about student life on the social pages of the university: Youtube , Facebook , Linkedin .

University infrastructure. The educational institution has its own library. The university provides its students with accommodation on the territory of the student hostel. Additionally, the Pacifica Graduate Institute has a developed sports infrastructure and its own sports facilities.