Oregon State University

Oregon State University or Oregon State University ( OSU ) is a public higher education institution in the United States. The history of OSU dates back to 1858. The main building of the university is located in Corvallis inside an urban campus.

University ranking. Oregon State University consistently ranks among the top 80 universities in the US. The university is consistently ranked in the top 5% of US educational institutions. According to experts, the best areas can be considered: “Life Sciences and Medicine”, “Natural Sciences”, “Economics and Business”.

Admission and tuition fees. The admissions committee makes admission to the university based on the applicant’s performance and the results of the exams passed. More than 80 percent of applicants are admitted to the university when applying to university, but it is also worth bearing in mind that OSU’s acceptance rate can vary significantly depending on the chosen faculty. The academic year is divided into academic quarters. The cost of studying at the university is about 11,000 USD per year. In addition, studying for a master’s degree at OSU will also be quite difficult to save money, since the cost of education is 23,000 USD per year. In addition, students can cover part of the costs if they receive financial support from the educational institution. Not all applicants of this university have the opportunity to study full-time, in this regard, Oregon State University offers distance learning programs. On the official website of the university (http://oregonstate.edu ) you can find more detailed information about the cost of programs depending on the faculty.

The composition of the university. The University of Oregon can be considered a large educational institution with over 23,000 students. The admission committee of the university accepts applications from both local and foreign citizens. It should also be taken into account that among students every 8th student came from abroad. The academic staff of the university includes 2100 teachers. Most of the teachers at OSU are foreign specialists. The university actively participates in international exchange programs for students and university staff. The educational institution is represented in social networks Flickr , iTunes ,Twitter , Youtube , Facebook , Linkedin .

University infrastructure. The university has its own library. The educational institution allows students to live on campus.