Northwestern University

Northwestern University – Northwestern University – one of the largest multidisciplinary universities in the United States with high research activity. The university is known for its schools of management, engineering, business, journalism, and achievements in medicine , chemistry , and economics.

History of Northwestern University

Northwestern University was founded in 1851 by nine lawyers and businessmen. One of the founders of the higher educational institution is John Evans, later the city of Evanston was named after him. The university was created for residents of a large territory: residents of the modern states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota.

In 1853, the founders of Northwestern University purchased 379 acres of land on the shores of picturesque Lake Michigan, 12 miles north of Chicago. A university campus was established here. The first university building, today known as the Old College, was completed by 1855. A couple of months after the construction was completed, classes began at the university. The number of students, as well as teachers, was negligible – no more than 12 people in total.

In 1891, a school of law was opened at Northwestern University, and in 1908, a school of commerce. A year later, an engineering college opened. Since that time, the rapid development of the university begins: it becomes known as a major educational institution that combines fundamental education with research activities. Over time, the university began to expand, new schools and colleges were opened, as well as additional campuses in Chicago and in the Qatari city of Doha.

Arrangement of Northwestern University

Two university campuses are located on Lake Michigan: one is on 240 acres in the town of Evanston, and the second is on 25 acres in Chicago, Illinois. Another campus is located in the capital of Qatar – Doha.

The Evanston campuses are home to the Institute of Technology, the Nanomaterials and Molecular Biology Laboratories, the Dearborn Observatory, an art museum, a concert hall, libraries, and reading rooms. Not far from the university buildings there are student cafes and restaurants where students of Northwestern University are offered lunches at reduced rates.

On the Chicago campus there is a medical school and laboratories, hospitals and clinics, as well as a law school. It also hosts MBA courses, evening and Sunday courses for working adults.

The small Northwestern Qatari campus, which prepares bachelors in journalism and communications, has at its disposal several buildings and sports complexes.

Scientific achievements of Northwestern University

  • Within the walls of Northwestern University, the substance “pregabalin” was discovered, which is now known as an antiepileptic drug. The substance was discovered by chemistry professor Richard Silverman. The medicine is produced under the trade name Lyrica, which is currently the university’s most expensive patent.
  • Northwestern University professor Dale Mortensen, as well as scientists Peter Diamond and Christopher Pissaride, received the Nobel Prize for “the analysis of markets with search deviations.” Mortensen did his research at Northwestern University.
  • Researchers at NU have found that a child’s birth weight affects their later school performance: it turns out that children born with a higher weight may have a slight advantage in school.
  • Northwestern University has developed a new non-invasive method for diagnosing early Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Northwestern researchers have developed a cheaper way to produce ceramic fuel cell packages using a special 3D printing material.
  • Blu-ray technology has found a new use here: it can be used to increase the efficiency of solar panels.
  • Northwestern University experts have proven that the human brain develops in the process of learning new languages.
  • Staying awake at night can cause weight gain, a fact also found out at Northwestern University.
  • A university research team has proven that smokers suffer from back pain three times more often.
  • The university created a small sensor that is attached to human skin. It can monitor the state of the cardiovascular system and report problems in the body.
  • A serum made from microparticles of polylactic and glycolic acids was also invented here: it turned out that injections of this serum reduce the size of cardiac injury in myocardial infarction.

Why should you go to Northwestern University?

  • The Northwestern University Library contains over 5 million volumes and about 100,000 periodicals.
  • In 2014, the university spent $550 MILLION in research sponsorships. By the end of 2014, Northwestern University had an endowment of $98 BILLION , one of the largest in the United States.
  • The business school of Northwestern University is considered one of the best in the country.
  • There are 19 intercollegiate sports teams at Northwestern University. They are called Wildcats and are part of the famous Big Ten conference.
  • University research takes place in 1,500 laboratories, many of which are also available to students.
  • The NU Medical School has a center for global medicine that conducts advanced research in more than twenty countries around the world.
  • The main campus of the university in Evanston stretches along the shores of the beautiful Lake Michigan, one of the North American Great Lakes. Nearby are public transport stops, and the campus itself is riddled with cycling and hiking trails. The Chicago campus is also adjacent to the lake.
  • More than 250 interest clubs are organized at the university.
  • The Nemmers Prize was founded at Northwestern University in two disciplines: mathematics and economics. It was created thanks to two Nemmerses – Frederick and Erwin. THE BROTHERS BEQUEATHED 14 USD million to the educational institution for these purposes . The award is awarded every two years.

Scholarships and Grants at Northwestern University

Northwestern University encourages talented students with various scholarships and grants. According to statistics, 45% of university students receive financial assistance. Northwestern University has several financial support schemes:

  • The Northwestern University Scholarship is awarded based on a student’s financial need and can range from $250 TO $ 40,000 per year.
  • The No-Loan Pledge Scholarship allows you to graduate from college without tuition debt. The amount of assistance is calculated taking into account the financial capabilities and needs of each student. The amount varies from 300 USD to 9,500 USD per year.
  • The Founders Scholarship is awarded to students from middle-income families. The academic and research achievements of the student, as well as his social activity, are considered. The average premium is 13,200 USD . The Founders Scholarship can be received throughout the entire period of study, subject to excellent academic performance. In addition, students can take part in external grant and scholarship programs (Pell grants, SEOG, etc.).

Faculties at Northwestern University

Northwestern University consists of 11 main schools, some teaching exclusively for masters and graduate students, others for undergraduate and graduate students . Schools, in turn, are divided into faculties and specializations. The most popular areas of study among university students are engineering , computer science , social sciences , management , journalism and business . Northwestern University awards bachelor’s degrees in 124 specialties, as well as 145 master’s and other professional degrees.

Requirements for admission to Northwestern University

The admissions committee of Northwestern University makes a decision on admission after a detailed review of the applicant’s academic performance, test results, recommendations from teachers and submitted essays .

  • Foreign applicants must provide a high school diploma/certificate and the results of exams that would allow them to enter a university in their country (for example, the Unified State Examination for Russia or A-level for the UK), a transcript of grades will also be required.
  • The applicant must provide the results of the SAT Reasoning Test or American College Test with a written part ( ACT with writing). The average scores of applicants are: SAT Critical Reading – 670-750, SAT Math – 690-780, ACT Composite – 30-34.
  • International applicants must demonstrate a high level of English language proficiency. The minimum is not set, but the average scores of applicants are known, which are 277 for TOEFL computer-based and 111 for TOEFL internet-based.
  • International students must provide references from former teachers with official translation.
  • Those wishing to enter a music school must pass an audition.
  • The application is submitted through the Common Application form on the official website of the university, the essay (Writing Supplement) is also filled in here. You will have to pay for consideration of the application, the fee is 75 USD , which in any case is not refundable, even if the applicant is refused.

Application Deadlines for Northwestern University

For undergraduate students:

  • Collection of early applications – until November 1 , a decision on enrollment can be received at the end of December
  • Collection of regular applications (in the general flow) – until January 1 , a response from the university can be received at the end of March

For students of master’s and doctoral programs, each faculty has its own application deadlines, so this information must be found on the university website.

Admission Statistics at Northwestern University

Northwestern University is rightfully considered one of the most selective universities, and university statistics confirm this, stating that in 2016, out of 35,099 applications, only 3,751 applications were approved. Of the early 3022 applications, 1061 were accepted, and out of 32,077 applications received in the general flow, a positive decision was made on 2690 applications.

International Exchange Programs at Northwestern University

Northwestern University has more than a hundred exchange programs that allow students to complete an internship or academic course abroad, where they can gain experience from future colleagues and work on their own projects.

The Medill’s Global Residency Program allows students of the university master’s degree to travel to one of the publishing editorial offices located in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa or America. For 10-12 weeks, future journalists live in another country, take an academic course in journalism and work on their media project.

The Northwestern University School of Law has exchange agreements with the Institute for Political Studies (Paris), the University of Torcuato di Tella (Buenos Aires), the Catholic University of Leuven , the Graduate School of Law in Hamburg. Bucerius, Tel Aviv University , and the National University of Singapore .

Getting an MBA from Northwestern University

Northwestern University operates the Kellogg School of Management (school of management), which has several campuses in downtown Chicago (Illinois) and Miami (Florida). The business school offers training in the following areas:

  • classical MBA program (full-time), the duration of which is 2 years. Students of full-time programs do not have the opportunity to continue their labor activity, since all the time must be devoted to study.
  • The part-time MBA course allows you not to give up work to attend classes. The program is focused on further career development of students.
  • The executive MBA program is aimed at established top managers and company executives who want to improve their efficiency and current performance.

A huge plus of studying for an MBA program at the Kellogg School of Management is the opportunity to take courses in other educational institutions around the world. The business school has an impressive list of partner universities that are ready to host Northwestern University students for a semester or a whole year. Kellogg School of Management partners include Indian School of Business , Guanghua School of Management (China), IPADE Business School (Mexico), CATÓLICA-LISBON School of Business and Economics (Portugal) and other educational institutions.

Dual Degree Studies at Northwestern University

Northwestern University offers a range of opportunities to study in combination programs with the goal of obtaining a dual degree. A wonderful prospect opens up for students at Northwestern University:

  • bachelor’s and master’s degrees (the program is open to students at the McCormick School of Engineering and the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences at Northwestern University)
  • MA in Life Sciences and MA in Clinical Research (available to students at Northwestern University Graduate School and School of Medicine)
  • obtaining a master’s degree in engineering (mechanical engineering, materials science) within the walls of Shanghai Zhao Tong University
  • studying at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) on a master’s program in the study of litigation (the program is available to students of the Law School of Northwestern University).

Employment Assistance After Graduating From Northwestern University

Northwestern University provides support to its students and alumni in their job searches and summer internships. Like any other successful university, Northwestern University has a Career Center that organizes seminars, trainings, meetings with employers, job fairs and other events to support students in developing their careers. Specialists of the Career Center inform those who want to get a job about available vacancies using their web page.

The university has a special portal for searching for vacancies – CareerCat, where a student can start his own questionnaire page, through which it is convenient to communicate with employers. The service regularly sends a list of vacancies that could be of interest to the student.

Possibility and conditions of living in the dormitories of Northwestern University

Students at Northwestern University have the opportunity to live in a student residence. The university offers a choice of three housing models: regular dormitories, residential colleges and special residences for graduate students. The main differences between these housing options are the number of guests, living conditions and the degree of involvement of the faculty management in the daily life of students.

Northwestern University has 13 traditional dormitories located on campus. These can be ordinary residential buildings designed for 25 guests, or large residences with a capacity of up to 500 people. All buildings have their own style and character. The rooms are offered with standard furnishings: a bunk bed, air conditioning, a bedside table, a desk, chairs and a small wardrobe for storing clothes. The kitchen and bathroom are usually located in a common corridor. The cost of living in a hostel is about 12,000 USD per year.

There are also 11 residential colleges on campus, the capacity of each building varies from 40 to 300 guests. Colleges differ from ordinary dormitories in the presence of a member of the teaching staff of the faculty at the head of each student community. This means that students from the same faculty live in the same building, which allows guests to conduct joint seminars within the walls of a residential college, work on joint projects and simply spend more time with their classmates.

In addition to the dormitories and residential colleges that house undergraduate students, there is a special residence for graduate students (Special Interest Housing) on ​​the campus of Northwestern University. Graduate and graduate students live in Garrett Place Apartments, where one-room, two-room apartments or studio apartments are available. Each apartment has its own bathroom, bath or shower room, as well as a kitchen with all necessary household appliances. The cost of renting apartments ranges from 14,000 USD to 21,000 USD per year.

Interesting facts about Northwestern University

  • The university charter, which was drawn up at the end of the 19th century, contains a clause prohibiting the sale of alcohol within four miles of campus.
  • In 1860, the Lady Elgin sank on Lake Michigan. About 400 people died in the disaster. Student Edward Spencer single-handedly saved 17 people from a sinking ship.
  • Every year, Northwestern University hosts a dance marathon. Over the entire history of the charity event, more than 13 USD million have been collected for various children’s institutions.
  • Another Northwestern University tradition is to hold Dillo Day, an annual music festival. Dillo Day has been held on the last Saturday in May since 1972. It is the largest student festival of its kind.
  • Future supermodel Cindy Crawford briefly studied at the Department of Chemistry at Northwestern University. In her first year, she dropped out of high school and went into the modeling business. Singer and actress Zooey Deschanel also left Northwestern for a career.

Notable Alumni of Northwestern University

  • Charlton Heston, Oscar-winning actor who was elected president of the Screen Actors Guild seven times, graduated from Northwestern.
  • Patricia Neal was an Oscar-winning movie star in the 1960s and a graduate of Northwestern University.
  • Saul Bellow is a famous American writer, known as a prose writer, essayist and teacher, is the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1976.
  • David Schwimmer is an American film actor and director, star of the television series Friends, remembered by viewers for his role as paleontologist Ross Geller, received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Northwestern University.
  • George Martin is an American writer, short story writer, screenwriter and director, best known for his A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels, which was filmed by HBO in 2011, the drama television series was called Game of Thrones or Game of Thrones.
  • Matt Grivers is an American swimmer who won several gold medals at the Olympic Games, graduated from Northwestern University and trains at the university to this day.

Features of admission to Northwestern University

Northwestern University opens up a lot of opportunities for its students, many of its graduates have become well-known entrepreneurs, scientists, actors, writers and journalists. And each of them will surely say that it is very difficult to become a student at Northwestern University. The university imposes strict requirements on applicants, which relate not only to academic performance, but also to social activities, skills and talents of future students.

At the first stage, the selection committee considers the results of tests and exams, the passage of which is a mandatory requirement, a certificate or diploma is also taken into account upon admission. The applicant must demonstrate excellent knowledge of the English language by providing a language certificate with high scores. For admission to the master’s course, additional certificates may be required. If the applicant is the winner of the olympiads or sports competitions, it is worth supporting the certificates and diplomas to the general documents, which will be a huge plus when considering the applicant’s candidacy.

The final decision on the enrollment of an applicant is especially influenced by an essay and a motivation letter. The topic for the essay, as a rule, is proposed by the commission, and the motivation letter must fully reflect the applicant’s desire to become a student of this particular university. It is possible that the applicant may be invited for a personal interview, but if the applicant cannot come, the interview is conducted via Skype. An invitation to an interview is a sign of the interest of the commission, but does not carry a guarantee that the applicant will replenish the lava of students at Northwestern University.