Northwestern State University

Northwestern State University ( NSU ) is a public higher education institution in the United States. NSU began operations in 1884. The campus of the university is located away from the rhythm of city life and is located separately outside the city of Natchitoches.

Admission and tuition fees. The admissions committee makes admission to the university based on the applicant’s performance and the results of the exams passed. When applying to a university, over 80 percent of applicants are admitted to the university, but it is also worth bearing in mind that NSU’s acceptance rate can vary significantly depending on the chosen faculty. The academic year is traditionally divided into two semesters. The cost of studying at the university is about 10,000 USD per year. Those wishing to get a master’s degree at this university should expect to spend 10,000 USD per year of study. The university also provides an opportunity for distinguished students to participate in scholarship programs. Also today, the university offers distance education. ) according to the chosen program of study.

The composition of the university. Northwestern State University is a medium-sized educational institution that can accommodate no more than 15 thousand students. Together with local applicants, foreign citizens can also enter the university. The educational institution actively participates in international programs aimed at the academic exchange of students and teachers between universities. You can learn more about the university by going to the social. pages of the educational institution: Twitter , Youtube , Facebook .

University infrastructure. The library of the educational institution is at the disposal of students. University students can apply for a place in a student hostel.