New York University

New York University (NYU) is one of the largest and oldest research universities in the United States. The educational institution is located in the heart of New York, it is also considered one of the most international: a fifth of New York University students came here from abroad. In the academic world, New York University is known for its achievements in medicine, chemistry, and economics.

History of New York University

In 1830, the 4th Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, statesman and politician Albert Gallatin declared that “in this vast and rapidly growing city, it is necessary to create a system of rational and practical education, uniting all and kindly open to all.” For three days at the City Hall, a hundred public and political figures, scientists and famous residents of the city discussed a plan to create a new educational institution. They came to the conclusion that New York needed a university designed for young people who would be admitted based on merit rather than birthright, status, or social class. This policy is still followed at the university.

New York University was founded in the spring of 1831, modeled on the best educational institutions in Europe. From the very beginning, the university adhered to secular views in education. After the founding, the campus was located for a short time in Clinton Hall, in 1833 the campus acquired several acres of land near Washington Square Park. In 1835, a law school was established at the university, and a polytechnic institute appeared at the same time – one of the oldest private polytechnics in the United States.

The financial crisis of the 1970s also affected New York University. At the same time, a wave of student actions against the Vietnam War swept through the university. The university had to sell part of the campus, but the university managed to survive difficult times, and a few years later the campus was again expanded.

At the turn of the century, NYU became extremely popular with applicants. It began to be called “Dream University No. 1”. For several years in a row, a record number of applications from applicants was recorded here.

Building New York University

The main campus of New York University is located in the respectable area of ​​Lower Manhattan – Greenwich Village. The triumphal arch of Washington Square Park, located nearby, is considered a symbol of the educational institution, although it does not belong to it. Solemn meetings dedicated to the beginning and end of the academic year are held in this square, freshmen and graduates are welcomed here.

Greenwich Village is home to academic buildings, student residences, gyms, and libraries. Some campus buildings are architectural monuments. Nearby is another campus owned by NYU. Near Union Square are student houses and educational buildings. New York University is called the “university at two squares” because its buildings are advantageously located next to the city’s famous squares.

The university includes one and a half dozen schools, colleges and institutes, whose buildings are located in the picturesque and respectable corners of New York. For example, the campus of the Polytechnic Institute is located in the large technopark Metrotech (MetroTech Center) in Brooklyn. The medical campus is located on the beautiful coast of the East River on First Avenue: hospitals, scientific institutions and a school are located here.

In the 2000s, new campus buildings sprang up around Washington Square Park. This is the center of Skerball – a huge theater, the School of Law, and also the center where student services are located.

Since 2010, one of the university’s campuses has been located in Abu Dhabi (NYU Abu Dhabi), a little later, another campus began its work in Shanghai. In the spring of 2014, another campus was opened in the Latin Quarter of Paris.

Scientific achievements of New York University

  • Within the walls of one of the scientific institutes at NYU, they found out that a certain type of diet can slow down the aging process by affecting the behavior of several hundred genes.
  • New York University named the age of the Ebola virus: it turned out that it appeared in the Miocene epoch almost 23 million years ago. Prior to this discovery, the virus was thought to be much younger.
  • One of the NYU researchers is working on software that will automatically recognize drunk people and block users’ photos on social networks.
  • There are 35 Nobel Prize winners and 16 Pulitzer Prize winners associated with NYU.
  • At New York University, they figured out exactly how lasting memories are formed.
  • In one of the medical research centers at the university, they are working on the efficiency of obtaining stem cells. The new technique should increase the amount of stem cells obtained from skin cells by more than 20 times compared to the standard method.
  • NYU researchers have provided evidence that monkeys have their own language and even dialects.
  • University scientists have created a vaccine against prion disease.

Why should you go to New York University?

  • New York is one of the most cosmopolitan, international cities in the world, and New York University has a friendly atmosphere. About 18% of the total number of New York University students are foreigners who are not bored in the “big apple”.
  • The Elmer Holmes Bobst Library is one of the largest academic libraries in the country. Its design was developed by world famous architects Philip Johnson and Richard Foster. The library contains over three million titles and is visited by over 6,500 users per day.
  • The university has its own theaters where students can put on their performances.
  • The network of New York University student houses is one of the largest in the United States; not only first-year students, but also students of other courses can live on campus.
  • About 350 student clubs are open on the campuses of New York University, among which there are several dozen sports teams.
  • The Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, which operates at the university, is considered one of the leading scientific centers in its field. Advanced developments are carried out here, the institute cooperates with IBM and Microsoft corporations.

Scholarships and Grants at New York University

All NYU students, regardless of nationality, can apply for the university’s financial aid program. It is issued depending on the financial situation of the student, the amount of the scholarship is calculated individually. The average amount of assistance is about 26,000 USD per year per student.

  • About 20% of New York University students receive Pell Grants . The scholarship is paid to students who need financial assistance to cover their tuition costs.
  • The AnBryce Foundation rewards the most financially needy NYU students, but academic performance plays a key role in selecting scholarship applicants. Assistance from the AnBryce Scholarship Foundation fully covers the cost of studying at a university, it can be extended for four years. All this time, the student must demonstrate a high average score and take part in the social life of the educational institution.
  • Arch Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate high academic and research ability. As part of the scholarship program, students are helped to create a program of study and internships. The scholarship can be extended for the duration of undergraduate studies at New York University.
  • Established in 1987, the Martin Luther King (Jr. Scholarships) Scholarship is awarded to students for academic achievement, leadership, community service, and humanitarianism.
  • Scholarships from Intel and Siemens companies are awarded to a student and his teacher for research and implementation of interesting projects.

Features of admission to New York University

New York University provides education in 230 areas at 14 colleges, schools and institutes. Among the most popular areas are medicine, economics, law and chemistry.

NYU application must be submitted on and the application fee of 70 USD must be paid . The fee is non-refundable.

Foreign applicants must provide a certificate of financial solvency , guaranteeing the availability of sufficient funds for training (International Student Certification of Finances). If an applicant needs financial assistance from the university, the relevant documents must be submitted to the admission committee along with the main package of papers.

The main package of documents includes:

  • All foreign applicants must confirm the level of English proficiency: it is necessary to provide a TOEFL ibt certificate (with a score of at least 100 points) or IELTS (with a score of at least 7.5 points).
  • A certificate and transcript with grades with an average GPA score of at least 3.6 out of 4 for admission to bachelor’s programs or a bachelor’s degree and a transcript with grades for admission to a master’s course (GPA requirements vary from faculty to faculty).
  • Results of one of the optional tests: the SAT Reasoning Test, the ACT with Writing Test, the three SAT Subject Tests, or the three AP exams. The minimum score is not indicated, but the average scores of applicants are known: 1910-2150 points on the SAT general test, 28-32 points on the ACT with Writing Test.
  • When applying to MBA programs , the applicant must provide a certificate of passing one of the tests – GRE or GMAT .
  • Documents confirming certain merits of the applicant will not be superfluous: diplomas, certificates, diplomas, etc.
  • A mandatory requirement for enrolling in New York University is the presence of a motivation letter , in which the applicant argues his desire to study at this particular university.
  • Academic resume (mainly required for admission to master’s and doctoral programs).
  • Occasionally, NYU Admissions staff will invite applicants for an interview, which is conducted via Skype. The application is submitted online, but copies of paper documents are recommended to be sent in advance.

International Exchange Programs at New York University

New York University is called a “global university” for its huge number of study programs and foreign internships. NYU has its offices in Italy, students have the opportunity to study and internships at the university’s branches located in London, Paris, Prague, Berlin, Shanghai and Sydney. The doors of such universities as: University of Ghana-Legon, University of Florence , University of London , Universidad Autonoma de Madrid , University of Paris are open to students of New York University .

Dual Degree Programs at New York University

New York University offers its students to get two popular specialties at once – two diplomas in different specializations. The program is available in all 14 vocational schools for master’s and doctoral courses only. This means that a history student will be able to additionally earn a master’s degree by studying French culture, and a law school student will be able to study history or linguistics. Students of technical specialties can also take advantage of the double degree program.

MBA program at New York University

NYU Stern Business School , affiliated with the university, offers knowledge in finance, banking, human resources and business administration . Students can study in the MBA program with the possibility of further obtaining a PhD degree in one of 8 areas: accounting, economics, statistics, finance, information systems, management, marketing and operations management .

Stern Business School students can enroll in one of the MBA master’s courses in the following areas: Full-Time MBA (the duration of the program is 2 years), Part-Time MBA (classes are held in the evening, which allows students to combine work and study at a business school ), Executive MBA (the course allows students not to leave work while studying at school, the program is designed for experienced managers).

NYU Stern attracts with a variety of educational programs and the possibility of additional funding. The most successful students are eligible for financial assistance to cover tuition costs. The amount of assistance can reach 15,000 USD -25,000 USD per year. Moreover, students can study on dual programs Dual Degree , combining the main specialty with an additional one. For example, an MBA student can earn a master’s degree in biology or mathematics. It is noteworthy that the Stern Business School double degree program also applies to affiliated universities. This means that you can get a second degree at a partner university, for example, at the London School of Economics and Political Science or atParis Business School .

NYU Application Deadlines

Foreign applicants can apply for admission from the beginning of May in order to start studying in the fall. The answer from the university, as a rule, comes in June-September. In some cases, members of the commission ask for a personal interview.

NYU dorms

New York University guarantees its students housing for the duration of their studies. The university includes 21 student dormitories, the buildings can accommodate about 12,500 people. Dorm rooms are bright and spacious, some of them have amenities in the form of a private kitchen and bathroom (of course, the cost of renting such housing will be much higher). Some residences even offer maid service. It is noteworthy that each hostel has its own laundry and dining room. On the territory of the residences round the clock security is on duty.

Student residences are scattered throughout New York, and it is quite logical that every student wants to live in a hostel that is closest to the university campus. Therefore, until 2005, the university had a lottery system for determining residences. Today, first-year students were the first to reserve a place in the hostel. By tradition, it is they who live in residences that are located near the university campus. The cost of living in a hostel at New York University starts from 3,960 USD per semester.

Interesting facts about New York University

  • The initiation of first-year students at NYU used to be very original: undergraduates dipped first-year students in a trough of water designed for horses. Today, in honor of the first-year students, they organize an “Open Day”.
  • At New York University, they found an unusual cause of bad teeth: it turned out that caries can develop due to family quarrels.
  • University campuses have their own transport system, buses and trolleybuses take students to their destination.
  • Every year, the University Library hosts the Purple Ball, for which students prepare especially carefully: they learn dances and dress up in elegant costumes and ball gowns.
  • A big berry festival is also held here, where a huge strawberry pie is prepared. Students bake the longest pie in New York, each year students try to set a new record for its length.
  • The famous psychologist and writer Erich Fromm taught here.

Notable New York University Alumni

  • Gertrude Bell Elion is an American chemist and pharmacologist who received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1988. She created several drugs for the treatment of gout, herpes, which subsequently helped millions of people.
  • Frederick Reines is an American physicist who received the 1995 Nobel Prize for the revolutionary discovery of the neutrino along with his partner Martin Pearl.
  • Julius Axelrod was an American chemist and pharmacologist who received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1970 for his work on humoral transmitters in nerve endings.
  • Eric Kandel is an American neuroscientist, psychiatrist, and professor of biochemistry who received the 2000 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for research related to signaling in the nervous system.
  • In addition to Nobel laureates, modern Oscar winners Woody Allen, Angelina Jolie, Whoopi Goldberg, Martin Scorsese, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Anne Hathaway studied at New York University.