New York Law School

New York Law School ( NYLS ) – private nonprofit higher education institution in the United States. The history of NYLS dates back to 1891. The university campus is of urban type and is located in the vicinity of New York.

Admission and tuition fees. For admission to the university, along with the results of the exams, the student must provide information about previous academic performance. The majority of NYLS applicants are successfully admitted to the university, and the overall competition is approximately 90 places per 100 applicants. The academic year is classically divided into two academic semesters. Although the university is a private institution, students are eligible to apply for financial aid. Not all applicants of this university have the opportunity to study full-time, in this regard, New York Law School offers distance learning programs.

The composition of the university. New York Law School is a relatively small university with a total of 2,000 students. NYLS has 299 teachers teaching. The university actively participates in international exchange programs for students and university staff. The educational institution is represented in social networks iTunes , Twitter , Youtube , Facebook , Linkedin .

University infrastructure. The educational institution has its own library. The university provides its students with accommodation on the territory of the student hostel. Perhaps a plus for entering this university may be the fact that New York Law School has its own sports facilities and all the equipment necessary for playing sports.