Nebraska Christian College

Nebraska Christian College – private nonprofit higher education institution in USA. The story goes back to 1945. The campus of the educational institution is located away from the active life of the Papillon city.

Admission and tuition fees. The academic year at an educational institution is classically divided into two semesters. Tuition per year at this university will cost around 10,000 USD. Studying for master’s programs can also be considered quite expensive, the cost is 10,000 USD per year. Additionally, tuition costs can be partly covered by financial assistance from the university. Keeping pace with the times, the university offers distance learning courses. To plan to get an education in, it is worth clarifying the cost information on the official website .

The composition of the university. Nebraska Christian College is a relatively small university with a total of 300 students. The university cooperates with other international universities on student exchange issues. You can learn more about student life on the social pages of the university: Flickr , Twitter , Youtube , Facebook .

University infrastructure. The infrastructure of the educational institution includes its own library. The university offers its students accommodation in a student hostel.