Mount Washington College

Mount Washington College ( MWC ) – private profit higher education institution in the United States. MWC started its activity in 1900. The university has an urban campus located in Manchester. rightfully occupies one of the key places among the universities of the country.

Admission and tuition fees. Education per year at this university will cost around 15,000 USD. Those wishing to get a master’s degree in this university should expect to spend 15,000 USD per year of study. The university also provides an opportunity for distinguished students to participate in scholarship programs. Due to the fact that the cost of studying at MWC may vary depending on the faculty, it is necessary to find out the exact cost on the official website of the university – .

The composition of the university. Mount Washington College is a medium-sized educational institution that can accommodate no more than 6,000 students. The admission committee of the university accepts applications from both local and foreign citizens. You can learn more about the educational institution by going to the social pages of the university: Twitter , Youtube , Facebook .

University infrastructure. The educational institution has its own library. The university provides its students with accommodation on the territory of the student hostel.