Martin University

Martin University – private nonprofit higher education institution in USA. was established in 1977. The university campus is of urban type and is located in the vicinity of Indianapolis.

Admission and tuition fees. A significant percentage of applicants are successfully admitted to the university, the average competition is 90 places per 100 applicants. Martin University refers to those universities where the academic year is divided into two semesters. Education per year at this university will cost around 15,000 USD. Education in master’s programs at this university can hardly be called cheap, the cost is 15,000 USD per year of study. The university also gives successful students the opportunity to cover part of the cost of education through participation in scholarship programs. It is necessary to specify the cost of education on the official website of the university ( ) taking into account the chosen program of study.

The composition of the university. Martin University is a small educational institution with about 2,000 students studying at the same time. The admission committee of the educational institution considers applications from both local and foreign applicants.

University infrastructure. The educational institution has its own library. Additionally, Martin University has a developed sports infrastructure and its own sports facilities.