Language Systems International College of English

About school – Language Systems International College of English

Language Systems International College of English is a school in the USA, founded in 1987, which provides English language teaching services to foreign students. All 4 branches of the school are located in sunny California: in the “city of angels” – Los Angeles, Torrance, Alhambra and Placentia. A distinctive feature of Language Systems International schools is the narrow specialization of curricula, the center is not spread over many courses, but offers only the most requested and high-quality programs.

Main advantages and features of the Language Systems International network

The advantages of the Language Systems International school network include the following:

  • accreditation of international organizations: ACCET, AAIEP, BPPE and NAFSA;
  • schools of the Language Systems network are authorized centers for taking language exams TOEFL and TOEIC ;
  • GMAT and GRE exam preparation courses ;
  • language systems international schools network partnership agreements with many colleges and universities in the United States , thanks to which students who successfully completed courses at LSI can enter a partner university without passing the TOEFL exam;
  • free consultation of foreigners on the choice of a college or university, assistance with the collection of documents and with the registration of a social security number;
  • consulting support for foreigners in applying for a US visa .

Disadvantages of studying at Language Systems International schools:

  • lack of own residences, as an alternative, the school offers accommodation in apartments or a rented apartment for several people, which is why the cost of living will be somewhat more expensive than in schools that have their own hostels for foreigners;
  • a small selection of curricula in comparison with other US language schools.

Arrangement of schools of the Language Systems International network

Schools of the Language Systems International network are well located, near each educational campus there is a public transport (or metro) stop leading to the city center, as well as to its most visited attractions. The classrooms of the LSI school network are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable learning: modern furniture, multimedia equipment (projectors, TVs and computers) for interactive classes, each center has a room for self-study and relaxation, a library and a TOEFL / TOEIC exam preparation class .

Language Systems International students during breaks or after class take short field trips to nearby universities ( Caltech , Pasadena City College) and dine at nearby student cafes. If there is not much time for lunch, for such cases, LSI schools provide small kitchens with small appliances, where students can drink coffee and enjoy a pre-prepared lunch.

Methods of teaching in schools of the Language Systems International network

LSI teachers use a communicative approach to teaching English to foreign students, that is, the lessons are not at all like boring lectures, course participants actively participate in discussions of new or already studied material throughout the lesson. This is possible due to the small number of students in the group – no more than 10-12 people. Students of the seven-level ESL program communicate daily with three teachers, thereby mastering new accents and styles of teaching English. It takes 3 months to complete one level.

At each lesson, students analyze real situations in which they may find themselves after the lesson. The lessons focus on the development of speaking skills, students work more in groups on joint projects, which they then present to their comrades, and also participate in improvisations and discussions. Every two weeks, students take an assessment test, which allows teachers to track the educational progress of each student and the group as a whole.

Accommodation options and costs while studying at Language Systems International

Accommodation options Nutrition man in the room Min. weekly cost
Host family half board one 750 USD
Apartments half board one 550 USD
Cohabitation organized by student 1-3 375USD _

* The table shows the cost of living at LSI Los Angeles Center. You can learn more about the cost of accommodation in other cities from Unipage specialists.

Leisure and sports activities in Language Systems International schools

Students at LSI have a good time even after classes are over, with a host of free and paid activities offered by the staff. The free ones include joint picnics in the park, sports tournaments in volleyball, basketball, football, and soccer. The leisure program is compiled taking into account the time of year and weather conditions. During the summer season, the organizers arrange beach parties for students with dancing, volleyball, karaoke, a DJ set, soft drinks and a top prize of 500 USD for demonstrating their vocal and dance talents.

Paid activities include guided city tours, visits to local museums and other attractions, multi-day trips to neighboring cities such as from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Las Vegas, and visits to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. In addition to the planned activities, students can have fun at the skating rink, visit a basketball game with famous teams, the Universal Film Studio or go to Disneyland.

Basic school expenses Language Systems International

School LSI Los Angeles Center Min.
Registration fee 150 USD
Accommodation fee 200 USD
Collection SEVIS 200 USD
Non-refundable fee 100USD _
Refundable deposit 100USD _
language course 330 USD /week
Accommodation 375 USD /week
Educational materials 150 USD
Transfer 50USD _

Additional tuition fees at Language Systems International

School LSI Los Angeles Center Min.
Visa application 160 USD
Bus 40 USD -50 USD /month
Add. tours 150 USD
Enrollment in language courses from Unipage 250 USD
Visa support from Unipage 200 USD