Kaplan International English

About the school – Kaplan International

Kaplan International English is a leading education company providing English language training and exam preparation to international students . Established in 1967, the world’s largest network of English language teaching schools includes more than 40 centers located in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. All schools offer their students a wide range of language courses and guarantee the highest standards of teaching methods. The main goal of Kaplan courses is that each student not only learns the language, but also gets an unforgettable experience of living in another country, making new friends and only positive impressions from the trip.

Key Benefits and Features of the Kaplan International English Network

  • 44 schools in 8 English-speaking countries;
  • Kaplan centers are accredited by international organizations ACCET, British Council, English Australia, Languages ​​Canada, English New Zealand and ACELS;
  • Kaplan’s partner list includes more than 250 colleges and universities around the world;
  • Exclusive teaching methodology based on Kaplan study guides;
  • The ability to continue studying online after completing the course using the K + system;
  • Convenient location of schools and residences;
  • Kaplan schools employ over 1,000 teachers from around the world;
  • Equipped classrooms, comfortable furniture, computer rooms and libraries;
  • Recreation areas for students, terraces, equipped kitchens, vending machines with drinks and food in classrooms;
  • An interesting and rich program of events, which depends on the time of year and the location of the language center;
  • Obtaining an international certificate with the assignment of a language level from a recognized educational company.

Arrangement of Kaplan network schools

Kaplan schools are equipped with spacious, bright classrooms for up to 15-20 people. Each classroom has modern furniture – comfortable desks and chairs or armchairs with a special stand for writing. Most of the classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards, which allows teachers to visually demonstrate K+ materials (Kaplan’s teaching aids) to students, all centers are equipped with computer labs with free Internet access. Kaplan schools provide rooms where students can prepare for classes, lounge areas for relaxation and communication. Some Kaplan centers have equipped kitchens where students can have a snack, and you can also dine in special canteens operating at schools.

Teaching Methods in Kaplan International English Schools

The unique teaching methodology is what sets Kaplan schools apart from other educational centers. Its teachers have developed a special K+ teaching methodology for students to work productively in the classroom and outside of school.

During the classes, teachers and students use the following tools:

  • K + notes – textbooks and workbooks for developing listening comprehension, writing and speaking skills;
  • K + tools – use of Kaplan online materials (online exercises for developing writing and reading skills, the teacher has the opportunity to track the progress of the student, since the system records his every step and every test passed);
  • K + clubs – intensive language practice in your free time (participation in seminars, interest clubs, attending lectures and just communicating with other students in the cozy atmosphere of the Kaplan school);
  • K + extra – interactive materials for independent work (audio and video content aimed at consolidating knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation correction).

It is noteworthy that the training does not end after completing the course, since the school offers to purchase a three-month subscription to the K + tools and K + extra study materials, which will allow the student to continue to improve English in a comfortable environment.

Options and cost of living for the duration of study at the schools of the Kaplan network

Kaplan students can choose one of the offered accommodation options depending on personal preferences and financial possibilities. The school carefully selects host families and makes sure that students feel at home, living in a student residence or in private apartments.

Accommodation options Nutrition Number of people in the room Price per week min Price per week max
Host family 2 times a day 1-2 235 USD $ 595
school residence 1 per day 1-2 280USD _ $ 595
Flat or apartments organized by student 1-2 370 USD $ 595

Leisure, sports and entertainment in Kaplan schools

The school organizes various activities that help students get to know each other better while having fun in a cozy environment. Pupils are almost always in the field of view of the teachers of the school. Teachers are engaged in planning events – parties, excursions, various trips, picnics and sports competitions. Tours are only available for an additional fee. Of course, if desired, students can engage in independent exploration of the city.

Every weekend the school arranges trips out of town, and on weekdays students have the opportunity to visit popular local attractions. For example, while studying in New York, you can walk along the Brooklyn Bridge, admire the lights of the famous Times Square, attend a concert in Madison Square Garden, in Washington, visit the White House, the Capitol and other symbolic buildings of the United States. Beach lovers will love studying in San Francisco, a sunny city full of attractions and opportunities.

Basic and additional expenses for studying at the Kaplan school

Expenses Min. USD Avg.USD
School registration fee 175 USD 175 USD
language course 405 USD 415 USD
Educational materials 10 USD /week 12 USD /week
Medical insurance 40 USD /week 40 USD /week
Meeting / seeing off at the airport 70USD _ 110 USD
Special menu 50 USD /week 50 USD /week
Supplement for accommodation per week, in the summer season 25 USD 35 USD