Iowa State University

Iowa State University or Iowa State University ( ISU ) is a public higher education institution in the United States. The academic activities of the ISU began in 1858. The main building of the university is located in Ames inside an urban campus.

University ranking. Iowa State University regularly ranks at the top of the rankings of the best universities in the United States. The university is in the top 5% of the world’s top higher education institutions, ranking 249. The strong areas of the university are: “Engineering and Technology”, “Life Sciences and Medicine”, “Natural Sciences”, “Mathematics”, “Physics”, “Chemistry”, “Economics and Business”. The university is considered one of the best educational institutions in terms of the quality of education and is in the top 400 according to this criterion.

Admission and tuition fees. In addition to the results of exams for admission to an educational institution, it is necessary to provide information on previous academic performance. Most of those who apply to ISU successfully enter this university, the average competition is approximately 90 accepted per 100 applicants. The academic year at an educational institution is classically divided into two semesters. The cost of studying at the university is about 7,000 USD per year. Master’s programs can also be considered quite expensive, the cost is 9,000 USD per year. Additionally, tuition costs can be partly covered by financial assistance from the university. Students of the selected university can receive education remotely. .

The composition of the university. Iowa State University can be considered a large educational institution with over 31,000 students. Both local citizens and foreigners can apply for admission to an educational institution. Among students, every 9th student is a foreigner. The teaching staff of the university includes more than 1700 specialists. University students can participate in student exchange programs. The educational institution is represented in the social. networks iTunes , Twitter , Youtube , Facebook , Linkedin , where you can learn more about the university.

University infrastructure. The educational institution has its own library. The university offers its students accommodation in a student hostel.

Iowa State University – Official Description

Iowa State is a large, prestigious university with a friendly hometown personality. Its 26,000 students choose from 100+ majors, study with world class scholars and keep more than 500 student organizations going strong. Academics US News & World Report ranks Iowa State among the top 50 public national universities. Half of ISU freshman get an early boost in academic success by participating in Iowa State’s highly touted learning communities. So many students study or work abroad that ISU is 18th in the nation in that category.