Hilbert College

Hilbert College – private nonprofit higher education institution in USA. was established in 1957. The university campus is located within Hamburg.

Admission and tuition fees. For admission to a university, an applicant must provide documents on passed exams and previous academic performance. Most of the applicants are successfully admitted to the university, and the general competition is approximately 90 places per 100 applicants. The academic year is divided into two academic years. semester. Education per year at this university will cost around 17,500 USD. In addition, studying for a master’s degree in it will also be quite difficult to save money, since the cost of education is 17,500 USD per year. Despite this, university students may qualify for financial assistance from the educational institution. The educational institution is included in the list of universities operating in the system of distance education. University official website ( http://www.hilbert.edu) contains more detailed information about the cost of education, taking into account the chosen program.

The composition of the university. In studies can be attributed to small universities, where about 2000 students study at the same time. The university actively participates in international exchange programs for students and academic staff of the university. The university has pages on Twitter , Facebook , where you can learn more about the life of the university.

University infrastructure. The infrastructure of the educational institution includes its own library. The university offers its students accommodation in a student hostel.