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About school – FLS International

FLS International is one of the largest American language school networks specializing in teaching English as a foreign language, with over 30 years of experience. The corporation includes 7 language centers located in the states of Southern California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Tennessee. Representatives of about 100 countries of the world study at FLS International. Most students come from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Latin America.

The main advantages and disadvantages of the FLS International school network

  • FLS International schools are accredited by international organizations: ACCET, CEA, and is also a member of AAIEP, NAFSA and TESOL International Association;
  • Assistance in admission to the selected American college, private school or university at no additional cost in partnership with the Universal Placement Program;
  • More than 100 preparatory programs (Pathway programs) for admission to the leading universities in the country, including the University of Southern California , the University of Texas , the University of Arizona and many others, with a guarantee of admission after successful completion of the program;
  • Training is conducted at 18 levels of English, ranging from low beginner to high advanced;
  • There is an Articulation agreement between FLS International and its partner universities, according to which, after successfully completing an academic English course at the FLS International language school, college admission is possible without additional passing the TOEFL international exam;
  • The system of academic and organizational support for students at all stages of education;
  • Upon completion of each course, a certificate is issued.

Arrangement of FLS International network centers

The training centers of the FLS International network are located on the territory of American colleges and partner universities (Saddleback College, Citrus College, Chestnut Hill College, Saint Peter’s University, Tennessee Technological University, Boston Commons and Fisher College). Most schools are located in the center of the host cities, within walking distance of public transport, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, banks, etc. Thus, the Boston branch is located right in the business part of the city overlooking the famous Boston Common. , 4 minutes walk from the nearest cinema, next to the bus stop and railway station and close to the “Freedom Trail”, the city’s main tourist route.

Educational centers for children and teenagers are mainly located outside the city limits or in small provincial cities (for example, Glendora and Cookeville), near green parks and clean beaches, which allows course participants to spend more time outdoors and take part in sports after classes. However, even from suburban branches, you can get to larger urban centers with iconic tourist attractions in a maximum of 1-1.5 hours. Thus, the distance that separates the educational building in Mission Viejo from Disneyland and downtown Los Angeles can be covered in 30 and 60 minutes, respectively.

The spacious classrooms at FLS schools are equipped with the necessary technical equipment, including interactive whiteboards, computers and TVs. All branches have computer labs with Internet access and language labs, where students can improve their listening comprehension skills and get rid of the accent. Course participants also have libraries, conference rooms for important meetings and gatherings, and in some cases their own entertainment centers or theaters. The library resource fund of FLS schools is very diverse: here you can find both additional educational materials on the subject of the course, and entertaining fiction. The quiet and comfortable reading rooms equipped with computers are the perfect place to do homework or look up information for study projects.

In addition, specially equipped recreation areas with comfortable sofas and round tables are always provided for students, where, in between classes, you can read an interesting book, drink a cup of coffee and have a snack, or just chat with friends and classmates. On the territory of all educational buildings there are cafes all day long, offering a variety of dishes, ranging from light snacks (salads, sandwiches, pizza) to full-fledged complex lunches. Campus sports facilities are diverse and include tennis courts, baseball, football and golf courts, gyms, fitness centers and swimming pools, so adherents of a healthy lifestyle can always choose the option of sports training that suits them. Free Wi-Fi is available on the territory of all educational institutions.

Teaching Methods in FLS International Schools

Teachers of FLS International linguistic centers use the full immersion method, i.e. students begin to practice a foreign language from the very first lesson, while getting acquainted with the peculiarities of American culture and life. The basis of the educational program of any course is an integrated approach, in which the load is equally distributed between the development of four basic skills: speaking, writing, reading and listening. At the same time, special emphasis in the curriculum is placed on the development of oral speech skills, and it is to achieve this goal that conversation clubs have been created. In addition to the core classes, the course creators offer a variety of electives (English through Films, Introduction to Literature, American Culture and Slang). Besides,

The classes use modern authentic learning materials and auxiliary Internet resources to ensure the most individual approach to each student. FLS International faculty are committed to not only improving their language skills, but also expanding their understanding of American culture. For example, students with an intermediate level of language proficiency and above read the works of the classics of American literature in the original. For a more comprehensive application of the acquired knowledge in real life, course organizers arrange special days dedicated to the practice of English outside of school campuses.

It should be noted the unique author’s program “English Everywhere” (English Everywhere program), which is developed separately for each level and week of study. This program serves as an addition to the basic part of each course and does not include separate lessons in the subject, but contains lists of recently mastered topics (Hot Sheets), which can be easily downloaded from the school website and exchange this information with each other, so they always is at hand. As a rule, this is a brief overview of the studied vocabulary, idioms, grammatical structures, examples of questions using these words and expressions, and at the bottom of this list are examples of song or movie titles that cover this topic in more detail. This audio and video content, which can be used as an additional tool for learning a foreign language, placed on a special Spotify portal in free access from different electronic devices for all students. Then the learned words and expressions from the list can be applied directly in live communication with native speakers, for example, at home with a host family, in classes with teachers and on excursions with guides and accompanying persons.

The children’s programs provide for close communication with native speakers in an informal setting and in a playful way, as a result of which English is gradually assimilated as a native language. Thus, participants in summer children’s programs aged 6-14 are actively involved in various extracurricular activities and games along with their peers who are native English speakers.

The curricula of specialized courses are of a pronounced applied nature and are aimed at acquiring the necessary practical skills. So, for participants in the “English + Cinema” program at Saddleback College, classes are scheduled on the local popular radio station KSBR Radio Station.

Thus, the organizers of the FLS International language courses use the most modern technical capabilities and methods in the field of teaching a foreign language, which makes it possible to make classes as interesting, informative and effective as possible.

Accommodation Options and Costs While Studying at FLS International Schools

Accommodation options Nutrition Number of people in the room Price per week min Price per week max
Host family half board 1-2 175 USD 300 USD
school residence half board or full board (Sun) 2 325 USD 375USD _
Apartment (18+) organized by student 2 175 USD 175 USD

Leisure, sports and entertainment at FLS International schools

A varied leisure program allows course participants not only to practice the language, but also provides immersion in the cultural environment of the American region where students are studying. Students learn a lot of interesting facts about its history, can take part in volunteer projects, in a word, immerse themselves in the real everyday life of American life.

The employees of the FLS International language centers especially welcome the involvement of students in socially significant and charitable activities, which not only helps to improve communication skills, but also brings real help to other people. This can be work in libraries, animal shelters, hospitals, charitable food banks (funds) that collect and distribute food to all those in need. In addition, many non-profit organizations offer foreigners to work for them as volunteers. For example, Ronald McDonald House, whose goal is to create, find and support programs that improve the health of children, and Cradles to Crayons, which deals with homeless children and low-income families.

The leisure program at FLS schools largely depends on the location of the training center and the time of year, and may include beach holidays, outdoor sports (for example, basketball, surfing), dancing, going to the cinema and theater. Language students can become spectators of numerous festivals, for example, the largest free gala concert in honor of Independence Day on July 4 in Philadelphia, which became the starting point in the formation of a free American nation and state.

Language school staff also organize trips to nearby communities (eg Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach) or to the US capital, Washington (from New York). For a change of scenery and relaxation from the bustle of the city, schools provide trips to nature. Thus, students of language courses at the Tennessee Technological University have the opportunity to spend several days on excursions along various tourist routes of the country’s most popular national park, the Great Smoky Mountains, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

As part of the “Special Tours” programs, a particularly intensive excursion program is provided. Thus, students of the “Discover California” course visit the cinematic district of Los Angeles – Hollywood, one of the oldest film studios of Universal Studios, Grauman’s Chinese Theater, where the premieres of many Hollywood films are often shown, as well as the wealthy suburb of Los Angeles – Beverly Hills. California is associated primarily with sunny beaches and, of course, with amusement parks and shopping centers. Here, both adults and children have a chance to fulfill their childhood dream and visit the world-famous amusement park and the whole fairy-tale land created on the screens by Walt Disney and then recreated in reality in the middle of the 20th century – Disneyland. In addition, students can go to frequently organized music shows, performances and concerts by legendary artists, held at equally famous entertainment venues, such as the Hollywood Bowl or the newest Walt Disney Concert Hall, which surprises with its futuristic design. Fans of sports entertainment can become spectators of exciting sports, since Los Angeles, for example, is famous for the sports achievements of its professional baseball (Dodgers and Angels) and basketball (Lakers and Clippers) clubs. Fans of the Harry Potter saga will appreciate the amateur Quidditch tournament and the Harry Potter Festival, which is held annually in Philadelphia on the territory of Chestnut Hill College. which surprises with its futuristic design. Fans of sports entertainment can become spectators of exciting sports, since Los Angeles, for example, is famous for the sports achievements of its professional baseball (Dodgers and Angels) and basketball (Lakers and Clippers) clubs. Fans of the Harry Potter saga will appreciate the amateur Quidditch tournament and the Harry Potter Festival, which is held annually in Philadelphia on the territory of Chestnut Hill College. which surprises with its futuristic design. Fans of sports entertainment can become spectators of exciting sports, since Los Angeles, for example, is famous for the sports achievements of its professional baseball (Dodgers and Angels) and basketball (Lakers and Clippers) clubs. Fans of the Harry Potter saga will appreciate the amateur Quidditch tournament and the Harry Potter Festival, which is held annually in Philadelphia on the territory of Chestnut Hill College.

In New York, in the “ever-sleeping city” of skyscrapers and financial centers, students can see with their own eyes its main symbols – the Statue of Liberty, the historical heart of the city – Manhattan and the Times Square theatrical area. A walk through the colorful ethnic quarters (for example, Little Italy, Chinatown) allows you to feel the whole cosmopolitan atmosphere of this city of the world, which has absorbed all the diversity of numerous cultures and peoples. In New York, students have the opportunity to take a pleasure cruise as an alternative to the usual sightseeing tour and enjoy panoramic views of key urban areas. New York can rightfully be considered the main museum and theater center of the United States. World famous Broadway theater performances, Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History,

Each of the US cities boasts its famous shopping malls. So, in California, you can walk along the Ontario Mills Mall, Santa Anita Mall, Irvine Spectrum Center, and in New York – along the Newport Mall and luxury boutiques on Fifth Avenue.

The cultural program is associated primarily with visiting interesting scientific museums, which are quite numerous in various regions and cities of the United States. It can be, for example, a scientific and educational center and a collection of works of art – the Huntington Library in Los Angeles, in front of which there is an elegant botanical garden, where Chinese, Japanese, Korean landscape design traditions coexist and a theme park dedicated to W. Shakespeare. In the California Science Center, which demonstrates the achievements of mankind in the technical and space fields, and in comprehending the secrets of the animal world, you can participate in scientific experiments, ride a bicycle on a rope stretched above the ground, or try your hand at rock climbing. Discovery’s Cube Orange in Santa Ana is a science museum with lots of interactive exhibits, especially popular with kids.

In addition, during the sightseeing tours, course participants can get to know the leading educational institutions of the host region in more detail, for example, the University of Southern California or the University of California at Irvine, as well as Columbia University in New York . Participants of the university tour go on excursions to the reference US universities, located mainly in Boston and its suburbs, since, as you know, this city is known as the educational and scientific center of the country. This program includes a visit to Harvard University , Massachusetts Institute of Technology , Fisher College, Boston University , Boston College, and Brown University .

Within the framework of specialized programs, special thematic excursions are planned. For example, students of the English + Cinema language camp visit film studios such as Warner Bros, Paramount, Sony / MGM, and participants in acting courses can attend a theater rehearsal or go on an excursion to a local drama theater. Boston gives students of photography courses a great opportunity to take beautiful outdoor shots, visit the best art and photo galleries in the world (Panopticon Photo Gallery, Robert Klein Photo Gallery, Iris Gallery of Fine Photography) and make sure that a real professionally taken photograph can become a work of art .

Basic and Additional Costs for Studying at FLS International Schools

Expenses Min. $ Avg. $
School registration fee 150 USD 150 USD
Accommodation fee 200 USD 200 USD
language course 380 USD 420 USD
Individual sessions 60 USD 60 USD
Transfer 150 USD 150 USD
Accommodation 225 USD 300 USD
Medical insurance 35 USD 35 USD