Fairmont State University

Fairmont State University – public higher education institution in the United States. The history of Fairmont State University dates back to 1865. The university campus is located within Fairmont.

Admission and tuition fees. To be admitted to the university, an applicant must provide information about previous academic performance and passed exams. Most of those who apply to Fairmont State University successfully enter this university, the average competition is approximately 90 accepted per 100 applicants. The academic year in an educational institution traditionally consists of two semesters. The cost of studying at the university is about 12,500 USD per year. Studying for master’s programs can also be considered quite expensive, the cost is 12,500 USD per year. Additionally, tuition costs can be partly covered by financial assistance from the university. You can get knowledge in this university not only in person, but also in a remote format.http://www.fairmontstate.edu .

The composition of the university. Fairmont State University is a small university, and the number of simultaneously attending classes is 5,000 people. Together with local applicants, foreign citizens can also apply for admission to the university. The University actively participates in international student and teacher exchange programs with other educational institutions. The university is represented in various social. networks: Twitter , Youtube , Facebook , Linkedin , from which you can learn more about teaching and student life at the university.

University infrastructure. The infrastructure of the educational institution includes its own library. The university offers its students accommodation in a student hostel.