Baker University

Baker University ( BU ) – private nonprofit higher education institution in the United States. The history of BU dates back to 1858.

Admission and tuition fees. The admissions committee makes admission to the university based on the applicant’s performance and the results of the exams passed. When applying, 60 percent (more than half) of applicants successfully enter the university. However, at BU, the acceptance rate can vary significantly depending on the chosen direction of the program of study. The cost of studying at the university is quite high and amounts to 20,000 USD per year. Master’s programs can also be considered quite expensive, the cost is 20,000 USD per year. Taking into account this fact, financial assistance from the university is available to successful students. Also today, the university offers distance education. Get more accurate pricing information .

The composition of the university. Baker University can be attributed to medium-sized universities, where a total of no more than 9 thousand students study. Together with local applicants, foreign citizens can also apply for admission to the university. Students of the educational institution have access to various international exchange programs. The university has a presence on several social networks including: Flickr , Youtube , Facebook , Linkedin .

University infrastructure. During their studies at the university, students can use the student library. University students have the opportunity to live on campus in a student hostel.